Saturday, July 4, 2015

6MMRPC/ painting table #24 2015

Not a ton of progress this week mainly for 1 reason, the evil that is yellow and testing.

Out of all the stuff I managed to finish off 1 scatter terrain wall and the 6 crates. So that is a total of 7 models finished. I'm taking half a point for each crate and 2 for the wall so that is also 5 more points. Now that the yellow is done and I know what I am doing the paint scheme will move much faster. That is it for this week more should be finished up this coming up week. Review on the overall mantic deadzone  terrain later this week.



  1. Painting yellow is always miserable... I like working up to it from brown, then orange, then yellow.

    1. Hmm might try that in the future I went from a white ish grey to yellow this time. But that's 3 coats of yellow and 2 of yellow ink to get that result.

    2. As a side note was much easier to do yellow lines with the airbrush. To nice little passes and done basically