Friday, July 31, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #30 2015

So a bit of progress since I returned from vacation. Below you will find. The last 2 phased ion suits built. 4 more 1x1 deadzone structures. Two more broadsides, 1 missile, 1 railgun and 2 drones. 5 bridges I made with Deadzone stuff. Finally, I finished painting that 1 scatter wall, 1 defensive wall, and the 2 doors for the buildings. The doors I am not counting as models since they go to the 2x1 buildings, so 2 more models and 4 more points.

I am going to be taking a break from painting terrain for now. I am going to paint up the 13 drones since I can do them all by hand. After that I think I will move on to the Dystopian Wars ships. The 9 suits will be on hold until the airbrush is back up and running in September. If I manage to finish this current painting before the airbrush is back up, then I think I will move on to painting either the texico stuff or maybe some other models I have running around.



  1. You are crazy productive! Nice work! Love those tau suits!

    1. Thanks Greg. The tau FW suits are great but a bit pricey. It will be interesting to see if the tau rumors are true.