Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just in time

No picture today mainly due to time constraints, actually typing this while making dinner. Just a short time ago I managed to put the last touches on the 8th company and finish them off.

So 95 more models for a total of  713 models painted, 23.75 points for a monthly total of 58.50 and a YTD of 236.

Wrap up in next few days and progress on more tau stuff hopefully. Though there are only 3 more companies to go to finish off the epic marines.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

More completed epic

I completed the 5th company detachments. In the picture below you can also see that I have started on the 8th company.
The 5ths detachments are a landraider detachment, whirlwind battery and a command stand that has all the character options and a rhino transport for them. The 8th company just needs all those assault stands finished off in order to be done.
So that is 12 more models and 4.75 points for the painting tally.
That brings this month up to
34.75 points for a YTD of  212.25 points, and a total of  618 models for the year painted.
Will try and get actual points figured out in next day or so and I hope to finish off the 8th before the end of the month. Wish me luck.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Painting Table Saturday #22

Alright this week was ok for getting back on track with my painting. Though I also need to make sure to do my posts in the proper way to make my life easier as well. First up spending, I spend an additional $20 on feebay to get myself 20 more marines for finishing up my planes with them.
So spending for this month is now:

August: -$30.00
YTD: -$285.08

Next up painting, I finished off the 6th company this week and made a bit more progress on the detachments for the 5th company.

So with the 6 stealth suits painted that brings the models painted count up to 606. Points for this month are as follows:
August: 30 points
YTD points: 207.5 points

So I am now getting closer to both my painting goal and my goal of completing the core of the epic SM army, I have only 4 more companies to paint to finish it off.

Finally, we continued the painting lessons this week with my oldest, he went with bright yellow boots, bright blue skin and green pants. Cant say much for his color taste on this one.

More as it happens

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The past week and why no follow up post on Mantic

Let's get the first part which is most negative out of the way. I have written a post 3 times on the whole Mantic kickstarter thing. But it basically just turns out as a long hate rant. I don't hate Mantic but I do strongly disagree with the current business model I see them employing with kickstarter. This combined with there refusal to answer certain key questions makes me not want to support there kickstarter. Especially when I can order good similar games for a lot less now and not have to wait a year. So to sum it up I wont support it and I am a bit disappointed in Mantic for taking this road.
Next up, OMG so much star wars stuff. That is about the max on that. The idea of Imperial assault being able to be used as a skirmish game is interesting. The idea of a Capital ship version of x-wing sounds interesting as well, though the price point seems a little crazy for this one.
However, on that front I also picked up a Korean version of the X-wing starter for a little less than $20 so I will just round it up. Though this also means I really need to figure out the Korean before I can play. For anyone in Korea that may be interested I go to the store in Hongdae called Rolling dice e for these minis and for MTG and other CCG's and board games. Check them out they do regular MTG tournaments and have reasonable if not great prices on most of there stuff and an occasional hidden gem on there shelves. Warning the website is Korean only: Rolling dice/ Dive dice.

Now lets move on to what I have been up to. First up assembling/painting etc etc. I didn't actually finish painting anything but did a lot of base coating and priming. I started by priming the first earth shaker cannon, in the future I really need to not do these by hand or not put the cannons on. I base coated the 10th company of my epic marines and started working on a land raider and whirlwind detachment as well.

So to sum up the post, Mantic kickstarter bad, Star wars good, priming and base coating. More later as I get it done.


Monday, August 11, 2014

A late update but for a good reason.

Why is it late, well a few reasons. I have been busy doing actual modeling stuff and I have been doing a lot of research for further posts on the whole Mantic thing. So first up the 6 finished stealth suits.
So that's 6 points to august etc etc. I also spent $10 and picked up a Manta battle carrier for FSA. So that's minus $10 on that.
I also finished assembling the first counts as earth shaker on heavy carriage. It's not perfect but I learned a lot about using green stuff and assembling in general. Not bad for my first scratch built model I think.

Side 1
Side 2
Top view
 Following that I started assembly of the next two Heavy carriage Earth shakers.

Finally I started to teach the oldest how to paint, specifically base coating. Tomorrow he will prime his own orc and then we will move on to the next step. He is now 4 1/2, I have also started working on remembering and writing ABCs and such using his Battle tech manuals.

More as I can and hopefully another comparison post on Wednesday.

Friday, August 8, 2014

State of the hobby: What happen or is this just here?

So not long ago I went to the only store in this country to try and buy a model. Which they once again didn't have but they have it listed as available via there web store. But that's another grudge for another day. Today, I was more amazed by some of the rules they had posted for using there tables to play. The ones that really stood out for me are as follows:
1. You have to play with models you own
2. You are not allowed to use any scratch built or proxy models
3. You are not allowed to play games they don't sell.
4. You cant play with models they don't sell.

Let's start with the first one which is one of the most bewildering to me. This one I find the most strange because how the heck do you expect to suck new people into the hobby if they have to buy everything before they try the game? Or lets say I am thinking of buying a new army and want to try out that army that is a mate of mines.  This to me is the most confusing and crazy out of them.

Next up the ban on scratch built and proxy models.. This one I can kind of understand but also think is a bit ridiculous. This may just because I remember when the VDR rules where a new level of craziness and scratch building, and the copy of white dwarf with the deodorant stick grav tank in it. Now I can understand banning models when they are ridiculous compared to the stock models because of size or something. But the scratch built models are an extension of the hobby itself in my opinion. Never mind the  wanting to test the use of a unit before buying them to see if they fit with your play style. But this also would me the models I have been gathering together for my custom made vespid, which are more like fire warriors with jetpacks, cant be played because they aren't the stock model... Never mind the earth shakers I have been building which from what I have seen are about the same footprint as the forge world ones but have guns and a carriage that could actually transport it around, but for rules purpose was going to be a immobile heavy gun carriage.
At the same time I can see them not wanting people to just buy a bunch of mantics stuff to use instead of 40k stuff in the store. Never mind the various companies that sell alt weapon sets.

The third one I disagree with mainly because I have been chasing the owner for years to sell FSA, he only just started selling it last year and has basically stopped carrying it or has stopped carrying games he used to sell because of the lack of profits but now your telling the customers that bought it they from you they cant play it there. A prime example of this was battletech, he brought in the 25th anniversary starter boxes and some rule books. But now that most of those are gone he no longer supports them. So cant play that either.

The last one really bewilders me because this kills off all the forge world or GW direct only models. Never mind other companies web exclusives. I know for a fact there are quite a few people here that have sunk crazy money in forge world stuff including the owner who has some of them on display. But you can't play them in the store? Never mind things like old models, wait I cant play with last edition broadsides I need to buy all new ones??? WTF?
Not OK for my Tau??
But OK for my Tau............

This leads me to wonder am I really just that out of touch with the current situation hobby wise? Am I just to much of an old timer hobby wise for the crowd or is this just something local that's a bit crazy?  So here is what I would love to see some comments on:
1. What are your thoughts on  scratch built models?
2. Are proxy models really that bad or is this a case of going overboard ( you know a genestealer is definitely not a hive tyrant.)
3. What are the rules like where you play?
4. What's the craziest rule you have ever come across?

I know in at least for the near future it's not a huge issue I don't get much time to play and the games I want to play can be comfortably played at home. But it is a bit worrying in the long term since I will be stuck here for a long time.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thoughts on the current Mantic kickstarter #1

This is going to be a series over the next maybe two weeks. Where I look to see how the newest Mantic effort compares to others and whether or not I will back the project. A large part of this is due to a lot of thinking I have been doing since some great comments on this blog were posted and after talking to some old friends. There a quite a few people looking at the newest kickstarter and scratching there heads. Not because of the idea of the project, but more because of the price point and basic contents seem far apart. Especially when compared to other products not only from Mantic itself but also there competition. Today, I plan on looking at the basic contents of the currently available Mantic games and price compared to what is coming in the current Kickstarter without extras.

Lets start with the current New project: Dungeon Saga- The Dwarf King's Quest for $100 + depending on where you live. The initial advertised contents were 22 minis, an unknown number of tiles, cards counters, rule book and advanced rule book. There have been more then a few comments saying the tiles look very similar to the ones already in existence for the other games made by Mantic. The models themselves are stated as not needing assembly and the only pictures we have of the unpainted versions are not close enough to really tell much about there quality level.

Next up is Dreadball. This one is a weird one. You can no longer buy just the straight game you have to cobble it together in there web store. Originally you could buy the game for  $49.99, now to get the same two teams, board and some other stuff in there limited edition box for $99.99 or cobble it together from the store with a few less minis for $92.96. This includes, pitch, balls, two teams and rule book. The limited edition has a bit more models and such for few dollars more but the set has still almost doubled in price.

Now for my newest project Deadzone, also retailing for $99.99. 23 multi-part models, 28 scenery tiles, chits and rules and such. I'll be honest I was interested in this for a multitude of reasons. But the only reasons I definitely ended up getting it was Mantics promotion last month (free shipping and discount) and it was a present from my wife. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it new.
Mainly because of the cost+shipping. Many of the early boxes also had a lot of quality issues with the figures and tokens.

Following this a more similar game: Project Pandora: Grim Cargo, retailing for $24.99. 20 multi-part models, 24 color floor tiles, chits, dice and rule book.  Quality of the minis is same as warpath because they are warpath minis. The tiles are often described to be like the ones for DKH but made scifish.  Big complaint I here on this one is only 6 missions and no bases with the models originally. Additional tile sets with rules and counters can be bought for $7.99. Many complaints about the card components have been made though.

Finally the last and most similar game they sell is Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace, retailing for  $24.99 at the moment. There used to be multiple other games in this series but this is the only one they still sell. Even when presented with links for the others on the web store the connections are dead links. This set included 28 multi-part minis (orcs/elves), 28 card components, dice, rule book etc etc.  Many complaints have been found about quality of the card components and miss cut tokens. Extra tiles, counters and rules are available for $11.99 on this one.

After doing all this research on what is going on just with the Mantic games it really did have me scratching my head and saying WTF? The theories of Mantic losing there way or intentionally shorting the base set in this for the purposes of add on goals started sounding more and more likely. It has also disappointed me because I have had a pretty good relationship with Mantic, so far. I want to see them succeed and I know this Kickstarter will succeed no matter what. But it does really make me wonder if they are on the path to becoming what many people will hate. What further interested me on this is how this topic keeps popping up in various places on the web. It also worries me because the cards and tokens are going to be a big part of this game and I know the token issue hasn't been worked out because mine are all cut off center in my Deadzone set. I am also confused by the fact that the two games that they sell that are the most similar in general are $75.00 cheaper than this set and this set seems to add very little, in fact I would argue it's worse since all the minis are single pieces. This to me is very damning, never mind the craziness that has happened surrounding dreadball. In the issue next week on this topic I will look at what other companies are offering that is similar to this new game.

Feel free to drop me a line or a comment. As a side note the current kickstarter is at Just under $250,000 and I haven't backed it yet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Update and why I let Mantic hijak the blog for a day

So lets do the update first and then follow up with why I posted Mantics stuff yesterday and not all my own words.

So first up sorry for the lack of posts my vacation pretty much turned into lots of work, surgery and pain. I am fine now but it kind of messed up my plans for massive painting. Instead I only got a bit of painting done and some practice push molding some bits for my scratch built earth shaker cannons. Which will also be part of the focus of a post on Friday.

First up the push molded pieces and a picture of one in place.

They didn't come out perfect but good enough for me.
Painting wise I started working on all my stealth suits and shadow sun. The first unit just needs squad markings and a bit of touch up to be finished off.

Once again not happy with my progress  but it is better than nothing. I will do full review of last month and a break down of the year so far on Monday.

Now for the question some may ask, Why did you do that Mantic post. I have a few reasons why for that one. 
First is fond memories of games like these...

Along with many others I didnt post. I spent many hours in my youth playing such games with my family, friends and even people who were strangers and later became friends. For me Dungeon Saga  is right along the same lines and I look forward to it.
Next up is a local issue, war gaming as I have stated in the past, is very rare here. One store in the whole country and very limited availability of classic RPG's as well. Even many popular western board games can be hard to find or expensive here. This style of game is an excellent way of softly introducing people to the broader spectrum of RPG's and war gaming.

Finally, Mantic themselves. After supporting one of there kickstarters in the past, purchasing multiple products and dealing with both the good and the bad overall I can say they deserve my support and business and maybe yours too. This is a company that has gone out of its way over the years to earn my trust and business. Also they way they have done it. Given it wasn't a personal, hey please pimp this for us email, but it also wasn't, hey say great things about us and we will give you X. Just a nice and friendly, hey if you can help us out please do and here's stuff to make your life easier, use it or don't but thank you. That attitude in itself is great to be on the receiving end of. Kai has also been great about trying to answer my questions so thanks Kai.

That's it for today, review of where Mantic is  tomorrow along with a more concentrated look with whether or not I think this kickstarter is worth it and something that annoyed me/ I want to here from you guys on, on Friday. Just in case you have somehow missed it click the banner below to see the Mantic Kickstarter or here for there website. But if your on the fence do wait for my complete opinion on the current situation tomorrow. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The newest mantic kickstarter

Sorry for the silence but since this crossed my desk I figured I would take the time to help pimp a project I am excited about. Bigger update and general thoughts on this project tomorrow. Without further ado here is Kai from mantic.- Aruki
Hi - it's Kai from Mantic Games here. Your blog host has kindly allowed me to come on over and say hello and tell you about our new Kickstarter.  If you have any questions, please head on over to Launched Kickstarter... and ask away!  I'll do what I can to answer them.

So....That was some four minutes.

Just in case you missed it, we funded in four minutes FLAT.  It's a new record for Mantic Games!
We've also smashed through our first two stretch goals....

We're shattering through stretch goals right now, so we're currently aiming for $150k
Gabrielle Kickstarter Exclusive

We're working on creating some really great things with this, and you can help!  Just pledge in.

Beneath the plains of Diffeth lies the ruined Dwarfen Hold of Dolgarth. Buried deep is the Tome of Valandor – the purest source of magical knowledge that has ever existed. It has been protected for centuries, but it has now fallen into the hands of evil…

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the Dungeon Adventure Board Game for 2-5 players. It is now live on Kickstarter


It centres around the classic struggle between a party of heroes and the forces of darkness, represented by the Undead. One player takes on the mantle of the Necromancer and controls his evil host, whilst up to four other players can lead the mighty heroes on their adventure.


The game contains coloured plastic miniatures and full colour, modular dungeon tiles ready to use right out of the box. No assembly is required.

Whether you’re a veteran of the dungeon genre or you’re simply looking for a great game to play with the kids, Dungeon Saga has something for everyone!

Find out more here - Venture into Darkness - Dungeon Saga