Monday, September 30, 2013

How to paint my FSA Aqua Prime

Here is the quick blab to paint this really easy paint scheme.

Step 1: airbrushed vallejo grey primer
Step 2: airbrushed vallejo game color Jade green
Step 3: painted gems with GW Wild rider red (gives more of an orange color)
Step 3: painted some panels and such with vallejo game color dark green (2 coats min)
step 4: painted engines with vallejo game color electric blue

That is all. It is nice and easy to paint these guys. Hope you find this usefull. Better pictures in the future.

The dilemma I am having about 40k

As time has gone on were I don't get to play often and prices continue to rise, it is making me reconsider the 40k forces I have and want. Specifically my marines. I mainly started building my marines last edition when someone I know needed to get ride of them cheap and I picked them up. But I will admit the only marines I like and would love to have back were my first army. A small full foot khorne force.

It was two full squads of khorne bezerkers with champions. a landraider, a dreadnaught, kharn and a chaos lord in termie armor with the mark of khorne. I have been painting my current marines mainly cause I have them. But recently I have been thinking I should sell the majority of them and keep just enough for a small alley force, if at all. That being said I wont completely get ride of my 40k stuff. It is one of the few games played in Seoul.

So the dilemma, do I dump the army or wait 6 months and then decide. Personally I am not 1 to follow the popular lists or armies. So is there really a reason to keep an army I don't really feel I need or want to play? I have had some fun with conversions on these guys but nothing that makes me want to really keep them. With the cost of 40K constantly on the rise and given that retail they are worth almost $800, that would go a long way towards other stuff I want.

So my question to all you people out there what do you think? Should I keep them for 6 months and see how I feel then? Screw it and sell/trade them off in the next few months?


Sunday, September 29, 2013

September wrap up.

Short and sweet today.

Painting wise I only finished the 14 Aqua Prime models.
Which brings me to 266.75 points, unfortunately I still have a long way to go and the Romans I have should bring me a bit closer. But not all the way. I think the epic stuff will also help some and plan on doing that later as well.

I spent $96.92 this month on models and related stuff.
So that total increased to -$367.87 for the year.

Finally, I broke the 5000 actual points painted with the completion of my aqua prime.

I have also decided to focus mainly on my Romans but with other projects in epic as well for at least this coming up month. I would like to finish all the auxillia and at least the 1st and 2nd companies of my epic space marines. Which I believe is doable. After that I have I think 1 or 2 more units of Romans to paint and then they are finished.

Finishing the Romans has become a big goal for me this year. Hopefully I can complete it. I would also like to finish off the current models I have in DW and FSA. After that I want to finish off my marines and then move on to my Tau. I also plan on continuing to mix the smaller scales in after October. I still have my two DZC armies to finish assembling. And the 3rd through 9th companies of epic to paint. I still however am short quite a few epic scout stands. Never mind my Baccus, but those are still a bit on the back burner until I finish my research and get a certain book in my hands.
So overall not a great month but I did accomplish one of my goals. More updates tomorrow.


Friday, September 27, 2013

End of week update

So first the bad news. I didn't finish the shields and such for the Romans. I just ran out of time this week. The shields only need the metal edges and punch painted but I haven't even started on the musical instrument, standard and arms.

I did also do some work on the warhound.

On the bright side I did finish off the Aqua prime fleet.

So that adds points to the total.

August: 14 points
Total Points: 256.75 points
Goal: 500 points

So not as much as I was hoping to finish this week but I am close and will continue working on the shields and stuff as quick as I can.

So look forward to more updates next week/month. Along with a spending update and month round up and of course better pics of the Aqua fleet and a painting tutorial.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

A give away to get in on

There is a great little give away happening and so I wanted to point you all to the blog called O'Leary Miniatures.

There are some great prizes up for grabs. Including the option of winning some painting done for you. Never mind models and such. The give away is being sponsored in part by Patrick Hatt. Which you can find a link of below to his writing.

"This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page at"

As for the blog I only found this blog about 2 weeks ago. I haven't decide whether or not to follow it yet but by going through a lot of her back posts she has a lot of very nicely done models. The only problem I have is that you have to dig through her posts to find them or the tutorials. 

Any way check out the contest and sign up, I know I am.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting update

A lot of progress has been made in the last few days and hopefully by Friday I will have completed models to show. The Romans are nearly done. I need to finish and glue on shields. As well as complete the arms and banners for the musician and standard.

I also started on all of my auxilia and archer auxilia. Mainly got primed and armor done though some are missing pieces I need to hunt down. I also got some work done on he general I thought I had finished and the squad leaders. So that's 47 more models  being worked on.

Finally, I am also in the process of finishing up the Aqua prime fleet. In fact by the time this post goes up (24hrs after its written) they will probably be finished. So look forward to seeing them towards the end of the week.

So that is 81 models currently being worked on in total. Should help me get much closer to my goals. That is it for now. More later this week.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review of the progress made and to still make

As a review for what my goals were and how far I have left to go I figured it was time to do a post.

So the goals for the year were:
1. Complete 500 points by the end of December
2. Paint a total of 5000 actual points (not counting upgrades)
3. Spend $250 or less for the year, preferably as close to $0 as possible.

Now at the moment I am at:
1. 252.75 points
2. somewhere around 4500 points
3. -$367.87

Now thoughts on these goals.
1. I am just over the halfway point to my 500 point goal. I am not sure if I can make this but will try my hardest. If I had stuck with the original 300 point goal I would have it no problem. At the moment I am painting an additional 34 points. So there is still a chance. Next year, I think I will instead  go for the total number of models painted. Not sure though what are your thoughts?

2. This goal should be a piece of cake. In fact I think if I finish off the battle company for epic I will have the points no problem. So that may be the next thing I paint.

3. This goal in retrospect was never going to happen. I have done well but I don't think I will succeed. I normally spend between $800-$1000 a year on all my hobby stuff. Given I lost a lot this year due to some big ticket purchases but will be happy if I can do it for under $500 this year. Next year I will push for the more realistic goal of $400 or $500 dollars.

Anyway that's my thoughts on the current goals. I am also working on a project to have a catalog/painting chart for all of my models preview once I finish figuring it out.


Ps. Sorry for the delay on the baccus reviews I just keep forgetting to finish the posts off.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Off topic day

Today is mostly off topic just due to the holiday for me last week. It meant I spent 5 days straight taking care of my two kids while everyone else was busy either working or cooking and such for the holiday. And of course both ended up getting sick. So there is no real progress to report.

What I'll be focusing on to day is a Indiegogo campaign I love and think you guys should take a look at and some stuff from last week that has me excited.
First up the campaign for Calvin and company found here. For those of you who haven't seen this hidden gem. This is a creation by DomNX based off the original Calvin and Hobbes. The main difference is Calvin has grown up, is married and has kids. I have found the series rather funny so far with many references to the original that are memorable. So if you  loved Calvin and Hobbes while growing up like I did take a look at the facebook page and then check out the Indiegogo campaign.

Next up is all the announcements from spartan games. Mainly all the announcements for planetfall. This really excites me because it has been something I have long been interested in but haven't invested in do to the lack of models/support. I am glad to see this changing because it maybe possible to do FSA/planetfall integrated campaigns which I would love to do. Like I used to dream of doing with BFG/epic. Never mind the models look amazing check these out.

Anyone that's all for today. Painting update later this week when I actually have the chance to paint.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updated work list

So below is what I believe will be my to do list for next few weeks

1. finish roman squad
2. finish FSA aqua
3. Start another roman squad
4. Work on titans
5. work on more SM
6. figure out paint schemes
    6mm prus
    Epic SM
7. Keep painting whatever I can.

The main thing I am aiming for is finishing off the romans and as much SM as possible. While hopefully reaching my goal for the year.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DW Prussian painting tutorial

Painting my DW prussians is rather easy.

The Ships
Step 1: prime in black (my case GW chaos black)
step 2: Base coat all but deck in GW Codex grey
step 3: paint wooden bits in GW graveyard earth
step 4: Guns and metal decking and other misc bits painted in GW chainmail
step 5: wash metal bits except for guns and the hull in GW badab black, paint guns GW  burnished gold along with other details
step 6: wash deck with GW gryphon sepia
Step 7: squadron marks to taste
step 8: magnetize turrets.

The bombers

The fighters

Hope you find this usefull. will finish updating squad colors and fighter colors in the future


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Painting progress

I have completed all of the leather and about half of the skin painting on the Romans. So all that is left is shields, a bit of skin and washing the skin and leather.

I also did some work on two of the epic titans. Mainly in brightening their red paint jobs to get as close to the imperator as possible. Unfortunately I cant get it spot on because the paint has changed so much.

Progress on the Aqua prime is at stand still at the moment because I haven't had the chance.

I also finally got some liquid green stuff. So costs change as follows.

Liquid green: -$10.16
Total: -$367.87

More will follow next week. This week is a major holiday so probably wont have much free time.


More spending

I have to admit I went a bit crazy. I found the exact number of assault stands I needed and then the final rhinos plus some extra tac marines. So my spending has gone up quite a bit. Mainly because of shipping from the USA is so expensive. Cost me like $20 for the 20 stands of assault marines. But now I am only missing the scouts to finish off my epic SM chapter.

So spending update.
Aug: -$86.75
YTD Total: -$357.71
Goal: -$250

In short there is no way I will reach my goal. But I am ok with that. In a normal year I would usually spend $600 to $800. Hopefully next year I can do better.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

2500pt SM codex list initial idea

Now even though I am a bit disappointed by the SM codex I decided to come up with a list to try out if I ever get the chance. Now as a note this is with the models that I currently own.

jump pack
plasma pistol
melta bombs
teleport homer
digital weapons

terminator armor
digital weapons

+5 extra men
plasma gun x2
Storm bolter x8
power weapon
melta bombs
extra armor
storm bolter

Terminator squad
+5 extra men
Assault cannon
cyclone missile launcher


Tactical squad
+5 men
Heavy bolter
veteran sergeant
melta bombs
teleport homer
lascanoon- twin plasma
extra armor
storm bolter

Tactical squad
+5 men
Heavy bolter
veteran sergeant
melta bombs
teleport homer
lascanoon- twin plasma
extra armor
storm bolter

Tactical squad
veteran sergeant

assault squad
+5 men
plasma pistol x3
veteran sergeant
melta bombs
power weapon


Devestator squad
Plasma cannon x4
veteran sergeant
storm bolter

Devestator squad
lascannon x4
veteran sergeant
storm bolter

Devestator squad
Missile launcher x4
flakk missiles x4
veteran sergeant
storm bolter

Total 2452pts

The basic idea is to have the to 10 man tac squads combat squad and go forward in the razorbacks.Along with the chaplain and assault squad. The rest provide cover fire and advance as needed.
The terminator chaplain and termies then DS on the teleport homers or in enemy back field. The army of course would use the iron hands chapter traits. The debate I have been having with myself is what to do with the last of the points. I have been thinking of adding some chainfists or something to the termies.
But no idea really. I would be interested to see how this performs if I somehow get the chance sometime soon.

More painting and such next week.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Painting update

So yeah here is the first painting update since the move.

As you can see I have started messing with the FSA Aquan paint scheme. The jade green base with some orange for the gems. I am thinking of doing a second darker green as an accent and then a really light blue for the engines. Then of course touch up.

I have also started on another squad (20) romans. So far, since base was done, I have completed the armor and cloth. Next up is cloth and skin and then touch up.

Finally, I finished magnetizing the DW brit ships.

So look forward to some painting finishing in next week or 2 namely the Aqua and romans. Then probably another batch of romans. I think I want to finish them off before the end of the year and there aren't that many left. After that I have no idea. Let me know if you guys would like to see something.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A bit disappointed

With the release of the new SM codex  like many I have found a few things to be disappointed with. Ignoring the fliers, the fliers (never liked any of the fliers from any codex) and the what I agree are ugly new models. The main thing that disappointed me was the HQ section. The standard vanilla options are fine in my opinion but the named HQs kind of annoy me.

The ultramarines have 6 . Now I understand that the smurfs are the classic iconic chapter and what many people start up with. But the sheer number of named HQs is crazy. Let us compare to the other chapters in the book.

White scars: 1
Salmanders: 1
Raven Guard: 1
Imperial Firsts: 1
Crimson Fists: 1
Black templars: 2
Iron Hands: 0

Now in the past this wasn't a problem because of the fact that the characters special rules effected everyone. So you could play an ironhands themed army with the benefits of a named HQ   . But with the change because of chapter tactics you cant. Which leads me to my issue. This is basically going to make people have to buy a supplement for X chapter if they want to benefit from the characters. Especially for those chapters that have no named HQs in the core codex (Iron hands). This for me is the only thing that really annoys me. I have always seen my SM as successor of the ironhands. But I am unable to really get interesting HQ that isn't generically made to fill that role. Yes I can come up with a great back story and such but I am unable to really distinguish the HQ from any other normal HQ without access to some sort of special rules. Personally  I would have loved a named Techmarine or forgefather. Just something. Now this isn't only a problem for the iron hands. They really should have done at least 2 named HQs or even named sergeants for each.

That's why for now I will probably still keep running the marines I have using the space wolf codex. Because at least there I can have some named HQs to add more detail to my army. Never mind I love their whole iron priests fluff.

What did you guys think of it.

Some spending and presents

I revieved from my wife the opportunity to grab a few things from amazon because she needed to fill the box more. So I grabbed two things that have been on my wish list for a long time as freebies.

As you can see I got some brush cleaner from B&J which strangly enough I cant find anything even close to simmilair here. I also got a 4x magnifine glass helping hand set up. This will be really nice for all my tiny prussians.

I also did a bit of spending and got rather annoyed this past weekend as well. I got some bits to help finish off my current tau stuff. So:

September: -$35.92
Total YTD: -$306.87

I also went in yet again to my LGS in fact the only one in the country to buy some liquid green stuff and the latest BP supplement book. But yet again they had neither. This is really starting to piss me off and causing me not to go there at all. I have been trying to get the book from them since before it came out, over 6 months now. Even tried to pre-order it. But they still keep saying next month. The green stuff is simmiliar, been trying get it last few months, show up a day or two after they supposedly get the orders and they  never have any.

Anyway more later,

Monday, September 9, 2013

A review of corsec engineering's magnet applicator

Now to be fair this review is strange. I picked this up a while ago wanting to simplify my application of magnets for DW/FSA/DZC models. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me.

The reason is quite simple. The magnets I use are too small. I have a feeling this will be fantastic if I have a need to use larger magnets but atm it is useless. The applicator is simple and straightforward to use and can easily be done with 1 hand. I recommend it for anyone doing massive amounts of magnets that uses much larger magnets than I do.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

DW Brit Painting Tutorial

The * indicates steps done with an airbrush. And as the title says this is for the DW Brit fleet.

Ships: (frigates,cruisers,Battleship)
*Step 1: Primed with Vallejo Grey Primer
*Step 2: The hull is primed with Vallejo Game color Imperial Blue
Step 3: Wooden decks were painted in Vallejo game color Parasite Brown and then given a GW gryphon sepia wash.
Step 4: Gun decks were painted in GW chainmail and then washed with GW badab black (this is true on the smaller ships for the engine areas as well)
Step 5: Torpedo tubes were painted with Vallejo Game color Bone white (2 coats)
Step 6: Smoke stacks were painted GW chainmail and then washed with GW badab black
Step 7: struts were painted GW chaos black
Step 8: guns/generators were painted with GW Chainmail for the barrels and GW chaos for the main turret pieces.
Step 9: Squad markers painted on cruisers and frigates on top areas of smoke stacks.
Step 10: magnetize the turrets and put magnets in the holes for the turrets

*Step 1: same as step 1 and 2 for ships
Step 3: Edge of bases lattice work painted with Vallejo Game Color silver
Step 4: Using an old splayed brush did clouds on bases with Vallejo game color Bone white
Step 5: Unit type done on the tips of the wings with GW skull white, GW ultramarines blue and GW chaos Black

*Step 1: same as Ships step 1-3
Step 4: Squad markings.

As usual if you have any questions drop me a line.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to paint my dindrenzi

As the tittle says this post will explain how I painted my dindrenzi fleet for FSA.

After assembly:
Step 1: Primed using Vallejo grey primer
Step 2: Base coated in Vallejo Game color extra opaque heavy red
Step 3: Reverse shading, Vallejo Game Color Scarlett red
Step 4: Various Panels (sides of engines and gun decks, etc) GW chaos black
Step 5: Engines and guns: Vallejo Gunmetal metal
Step 6: The smaller details were also done in Vallejo Gunmetal metal (The crater dome things on front and eagle thing on the back.)

Just some useful info. When building the battleships  I have found it best to keep the inner gun deck separate. Mainly because it is a pain to paint if you put it in before hand. The paint scheme was the same for all sizes of ship. The base coating/priming/shading were done with an airbrush. Just so you know reverse shading is what I call it when I paint areas I want to be a lighter color instead of appearing darker.

For this example I painted the areas I didn't want to look like there was a shadow with the scarlett red and left the areas (often uneasy to reach with a paint brush) the heavy red. Examples on the above model of leaving it the way it is would be inside the gap between the engines. Reverse shading was done for instance on the tops of the models.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The new painting area

As part of the move I got a nice new desk set up that can store most of my painting/hobby related stuff.
As you can see its a nice writing desk hutch style.

The bottom shelves are over a foot deep which is great for storing stuff in them.

Here is the top part with some stuff laid out to go.

Overall I am happy with my new desk though the guy who made it did screw up a bit. For example the lock on the top part doesn't work. But all the little things are things I can fix myself in the future. This is even big enough to use my spray booth on. I however may need another light source or a better bulb.

As for upcoming projects. I am going to start by gluing on a few omni stands to DW and FSA stuff. Finish magnetizing a few models with my new tool, which I will review in the future. After that I am planing on painting that one left over DW Brit bomber and then moving on to another squad of Romans and maybe some titans. Suffice to say with my prep work over the past month plus before moving I have plenty of things ready to work on.

I will also be wrapping up the baccus reviews and post a few more painting how to's for various factions I have been working on. So with the settling in look forward to all the new content.

More as I get it done.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The plan for my epic space marines

As the tittle says her is the plan for my chapter.
First company :  Total:1650 pts
                Vetran Company
                Terminator Detachment
                Chapter Master
                Combined Dreadnaught Squad
                Landraider Detachment
Second Company:  Total 1475pts
                Battle company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider  detachment
                Bike squadron
Third Company: Total 1450 pts
                Battle Company
                Landraider detachment
                Whirlwind Battery
Bike Squadron
Fourth Company:  Total: 1350
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider detachment
Fifth Company: Total 1350pts
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind battery
                Landraider detachment
Sixth Company: Total: 1250+pts
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Seventh Company: Total: 1250+pts
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Eighth Company: Total: 1350+pts
                Assault Company
                Bike Squadron
                Landspeeder typhoon Squad
                Warhound titan squad
Ninth Company: Total 1150+pts
                Devastator Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Imperator Titan
Tenth Company: Total 575+pts
                Scout Company
                Warhound Titan

Overall total: 11475+pts

Now to be honest I would like to get my hands on some preds and vindicators. Plus another warhound, a couple of reavers and maybe some thunderhawks. However for some reason reavers and thunderhawks go for stupid prices now. Hell the prices were crazy to begin with. So I am not holding my breath.