Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review of the progress made and to still make

As a review for what my goals were and how far I have left to go I figured it was time to do a post.

So the goals for the year were:
1. Complete 500 points by the end of December
2. Paint a total of 5000 actual points (not counting upgrades)
3. Spend $250 or less for the year, preferably as close to $0 as possible.

Now at the moment I am at:
1. 252.75 points
2. somewhere around 4500 points
3. -$367.87

Now thoughts on these goals.
1. I am just over the halfway point to my 500 point goal. I am not sure if I can make this but will try my hardest. If I had stuck with the original 300 point goal I would have it no problem. At the moment I am painting an additional 34 points. So there is still a chance. Next year, I think I will instead  go for the total number of models painted. Not sure though what are your thoughts?

2. This goal should be a piece of cake. In fact I think if I finish off the battle company for epic I will have the points no problem. So that may be the next thing I paint.

3. This goal in retrospect was never going to happen. I have done well but I don't think I will succeed. I normally spend between $800-$1000 a year on all my hobby stuff. Given I lost a lot this year due to some big ticket purchases but will be happy if I can do it for under $500 this year. Next year I will push for the more realistic goal of $400 or $500 dollars.

Anyway that's my thoughts on the current goals. I am also working on a project to have a catalog/painting chart for all of my models preview once I finish figuring it out.


Ps. Sorry for the delay on the baccus reviews I just keep forgetting to finish the posts off.

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