Saturday, September 7, 2013

DW Brit Painting Tutorial

The * indicates steps done with an airbrush. And as the title says this is for the DW Brit fleet.

Ships: (frigates,cruisers,Battleship)
*Step 1: Primed with Vallejo Grey Primer
*Step 2: The hull is primed with Vallejo Game color Imperial Blue
Step 3: Wooden decks were painted in Vallejo game color Parasite Brown and then given a GW gryphon sepia wash.
Step 4: Gun decks were painted in GW chainmail and then washed with GW badab black (this is true on the smaller ships for the engine areas as well)
Step 5: Torpedo tubes were painted with Vallejo Game color Bone white (2 coats)
Step 6: Smoke stacks were painted GW chainmail and then washed with GW badab black
Step 7: struts were painted GW chaos black
Step 8: guns/generators were painted with GW Chainmail for the barrels and GW chaos for the main turret pieces.
Step 9: Squad markers painted on cruisers and frigates on top areas of smoke stacks.
Step 10: magnetize the turrets and put magnets in the holes for the turrets

*Step 1: same as step 1 and 2 for ships
Step 3: Edge of bases lattice work painted with Vallejo Game Color silver
Step 4: Using an old splayed brush did clouds on bases with Vallejo game color Bone white
Step 5: Unit type done on the tips of the wings with GW skull white, GW ultramarines blue and GW chaos Black

*Step 1: same as Ships step 1-3
Step 4: Squad markings.

As usual if you have any questions drop me a line.

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