Friday, September 27, 2013

End of week update

So first the bad news. I didn't finish the shields and such for the Romans. I just ran out of time this week. The shields only need the metal edges and punch painted but I haven't even started on the musical instrument, standard and arms.

I did also do some work on the warhound.

On the bright side I did finish off the Aqua prime fleet.

So that adds points to the total.

August: 14 points
Total Points: 256.75 points
Goal: 500 points

So not as much as I was hoping to finish this week but I am close and will continue working on the shields and stuff as quick as I can.

So look forward to more updates next week/month. Along with a spending update and month round up and of course better pics of the Aqua fleet and a painting tutorial.


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