Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life and Plans for the next few months

As the tittle says this post is about life and plans. Well I need to change jobs/get a new job the end of October and start in November, I hope. That being what it is my painting time and hobby time will take a hit until life evens out again. I hope this will normalize around mid November and should start going a bit batty mid to end of October. I just don't know yet.

Now 6MMRPC wise October is undead themed and such. But any undead stuff I have is no where near seeing the light of day so I will not being doing it this time around. Mainly because I want to focus on the current projects. By the end of the year there are 4 projects I want to finish and 2 more I hope to finish.

Need to finish:
1. warzone bahraus
2. warzone Imperials
3. FSA Aqua
4. FSA Dindrenzi

Want to finish:
1.DZC Phr
2. DZC shaltari

So what else is on the horizon that I am either planing or need to do? I hear you not asking. Well that list is a bit longer.
1. Space Marine Seige Company (70 ish models with some conversions needed
2. Mordheim ( I have at least 2 warbands in the works already would like to do 4 or 5 in total
3. Frostgrave (2 or 3 warbands in the works, I think)
4. Deadzone (enforcers and plague to do, along with some zombie guys)
5.Roman Seas fleets (need to print and make)
6 DW ( I have more naval I want and maybe some ground stuff)
7. This is not a test (nothing made yet but I want to get into it)
8. Necromunda (nothing made up yet but I want to get into it)
9. More BFG (I want a few more tau ships and need to convert more DE, Nid and maybe imperials or chaos)
10. ????

As you can see the list burns out towards the end because I dont remember what else is on my plate, I am sure there was more stuff. Anyway a little blurb on whats to come and what is still left to do.

Friday, September 25, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #39

Another week and more of a dent put in the mountain. First up this week is the DE BFG fleet I painted up. Honestly the picture doesn't show how shiny the silver is under the purple ink/paint. I then also did most of the warzone Baharaus guys. There are still a few stragglers which will be painted after I prime them.

Which should hopefully be this next week. The main problem will be that it is a major holiday here in South Korea, and since I married a South Korean I will be quiet busy during it. The plan after that is to do my warzone imperals, followed by my stragglers for my two FSA fleets. I know that many people are planing zombie themed or such projects next month but I have no projects for that in the works at the moment. I am going to focus on everything I have going and try to finish as much as possible by the end of the year. More on that next week. Other than scoring for this lot that is it. So that is 18 more models and 36 more points.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #38 2015

The quick update for the week. I finished off the last two broadsides which completes the tau for now. Mainly I say for now because who knows what madness the new codex will bring and there is still a conversion I want to do at some point for fun.

 I also primed all the DE BFG and assembled and primed 30 some odd guys for my warzone stuff.

Finally me and my oldest had are first game of the slim down rules of FSA. I barely beat him, he has the devils luck when it comes to rolling 6s in every game.

This was played on one of my new mats from a kickstarter I backed that showed up last week. Anyway two more models and 8 more points.
More as I get it done.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #37 2015

A lot of progress this week. I managed to finish 7 of the 9 suits for the tau that were left. So that is a whopping 28points  and seven more models done. I completed all the xv9's. The commander one, 3 fusion cascades and 3 photton gun ones. Below is a mess of pics.

So there are only two more broadsides to finish off and the tau will be done. Which will be my focus this coming up week.
More as I get it done.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #36 2015

Short and sweet this week. I finished off the two towers. Going to take 3 points each. I also ended up doing the base coats on all the suits by brush since the weather is wacky and I want this project done.
More as I get it done.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The current state of projects and goals.

At the moment I have two sets of goals. The ones for the year and the ones for the 6MMRPC. At the moment I have almost completed/meet both sets.

For the year I just need to finish tau and hopefully sell some stuff off to get back under budget.
For 6MMRPC I only need to finish 9 tau suits and the Aquan ships I have then I would have completed everything I wanted. I have also gained 5 jokers so far plus my initial 3. I have only spent 1 to grab the last major piece for my dindrenzi which will also give me another joker.

The goals for the last part of the year are rather easy to state but time consuming.
1.finish off the tau
2. paint the dindrenzi dread group
3. Paint the Aquan stuff
4. Paint the 2 Dropzone commander forces.
5. Paint the converted DE BFG fleet

That is about it for now just to give a bit more direction with my work.
I do have a few more projects I can work on.
1. more terrain ( a planet and buildings, bridges etc)
2. 2nd or 3rd edition Warzone forces (20+models)
3. Space marines(75 or so models)
4. Sisters of Sigmar Conversions

More as I get it done.