Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The current state of projects and goals.

At the moment I have two sets of goals. The ones for the year and the ones for the 6MMRPC. At the moment I have almost completed/meet both sets.

For the year I just need to finish tau and hopefully sell some stuff off to get back under budget.
For 6MMRPC I only need to finish 9 tau suits and the Aquan ships I have then I would have completed everything I wanted. I have also gained 5 jokers so far plus my initial 3. I have only spent 1 to grab the last major piece for my dindrenzi which will also give me another joker.

The goals for the last part of the year are rather easy to state but time consuming.
1.finish off the tau
2. paint the dindrenzi dread group
3. Paint the Aquan stuff
4. Paint the 2 Dropzone commander forces.
5. Paint the converted DE BFG fleet

That is about it for now just to give a bit more direction with my work.
I do have a few more projects I can work on.
1. more terrain ( a planet and buildings, bridges etc)
2. 2nd or 3rd edition Warzone forces (20+models)
3. Space marines(75 or so models)
4. Sisters of Sigmar Conversions

More as I get it done.


  1. Congrats on getting so far with your goals dude. It is a great feeling to reduce that unpainted mountain :)

    1. Thanx NafNaf. Though honestly the main reason I joined the project was so that I can see what other people are doing and hopefully curb spending a bit more.