Sunday, December 27, 2015

Painting Table #54 2015

Today will be the final painting table for the year. I finished off the pond and last hill/island.

In other news me and the oldest played another cruiser clash type thing in DW. He ended up winning after scoring two rounds of shooting were he dealt 3 critical hits to each ship. I forgot how useless my ships are in range band one and how nasty his are.

That is two more finished pieces. Side not I also updated the tab for models painted this year, check it out if your curious. More in the new year. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Plans for 2016 and changes

One of the main things I realized as this year dragged on is that the point system really just doesn't work any longer for me. I need to stay more focused on projects and my overall spending. So the big changes for 2016 will be only counting actual pieces painted and of course switching back to keeping track of most if not all of my hobby related spending. I feel I spend a lot more this year without realizing it because I was only counting actual models bought. Not everything else.

So overall goals are easy.
1. Paint more than I buy.
2. Spend $500 or less throughout the year.

I feel these two goals are the biggest and most obvious ones. The spending one may still be my most difficult just because of the often increased cost for me to get stuff here. Here are some of the actual painting goals for the year.

1. Finish my 40k Space Marine Siege Company.
2. Paint the Pan O half of the Operation Icestorm Starter
3. Paint up the Enforcers and Plague guys that I have from the Deadzone box.
4. Paint up enough models for at least 2 frostgrave warbands, so about 20 models.
5. Paint up all the skellies and such I have for frostgrave.
6. Paint up the SM stuff for BFG that I have.
7.Paint up the rest of the assembled and primed terrain I have.
8. Do more basing, I have tons of models that need it done.
9. Convert my sisters of Sigmar warband.

Those are the vague things I want to work on this year. That being said I still have a lot more than that to do. The biggest challenge will be basing everything because I am still horrible at it. I would also like to play more than a few games a year with my oldest son but that is going to be even more hard to do. I love playing with him but finding time is always an issue never mind people.
Resisting other games will also be hard since there is at least 1 other system I really want to get into.
But that is for another day.

Anyway more as I get it done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 in Review

Honestly I won't do a huge write up since I already covered most of this in my 6MMRPC post. Suffice to say I nailed it this year. In general I am planing on not doing points anymore because it just takes to much time and energy to keep track of. I plan on just counting models from now on.
 So let us look at what I did finish.
1. All the remaining tau stuff, was somewhere around 100 models I think.
2. All of my MERCs, DW, FSA, DZC stuff. This includes things I bought this year.
3. Infinity Operation Icestorm Nomad half.
4. Some marines, mainly 3 dreadnoughts.
5. Hills/island, Planets, scatter terrain and a bunch of buildings.
6. Tau and Dark eldar BFG stuff.
7.Tokens. I haven't really showed this on the site. But I have spent a large amount of time the last two months cutting out tokens for BFG, DW, FSA, Infinity, Roman Seas and who knows what else.
8. Assembled and primed a ton more terrain and models that have not been painted yet. More on this in the future.

Overall it has been a great year. I once again smashed all of my goals. Points wise I stopped counting months ago and was over 500, I painted way more then I bought and painted basically everything that was bought. I have tried a bunch of new things this year with very mixed results. I have done more reviews than initially planed, which is nice. And my spending didn't go to crazy at least on the surface.

More in the future.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Painting Table #53 2015

I know it has been a long time. Honestly I haven't posted mainly because I have been playing video games and looking for work. Instead of posting. So what have I done.
First let us talk about what I forgot to photograph. The nomad bases. I finished them. Pictures when I get around to it.
Now for the fun stuff. I have been making and painting islands/hills and a rock outcrop. Working on the bridge and my oldest son and I have been building a tank from leftovers and getting it ready to paint. The final thing that my oldest and I have been working on is a pond.

I still have 1 more island/hill to finish up that I have mostly done. The plan for the next week or so is to do that and the pond along with more details on the bridge. I will also be making more specific plans for next year. So that's 4 more pieces of terrain finished.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review: Italeri Stone Bridge 1:72 Scale No 6128

 Today's review is also quick and easy. Italeri Stone bride 1:72, set number 6128.

The kit comes in 6 pieces. The overall quality is good. The mold lines are all very minimal and very easily scraped off. I will have a painted picture of it next week to show. The model is quiet light and affordable. It cost me about 19 USD from a local Hobby shop.
Some scale pics with an Nomad Infinity model can be seen below to give you a sense of scale.
 The model is cheap and should work well for my Mordheim, Frostgrave and whatever else I decide to do.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: G-Coat Origin-earth

Today's review is a product that caught my eye one day at a hobby shop. I picked it up because as many people I hate doing bases and I am horrible at them. The range as you can see is also available in 5 other textures. If I read the Korean correctly it is also water solvable(?). The bottle is fairly cheap as well, less than 5 USD.
You can apply with a brush or any sort of tool. I tried both. I found brushes were hard to use mainly because of the size of the models. You can add color to it before applying but I didn't.

I then painted over the top with Charred Brown for Vallejo Game color.

I then did a wash of Pale Grey from the Vallejo Game color range as well.

Overall, I found the product cheap to use and the results I am happy with. I will be testing it more on some other models in the near future with other colors. In the meantime I am curious on something.

Above you can see the nomads have had it applied. But while applying it and seeing it clump I thought it might work well as snow/ice type base. What do you guys think. If its piled up a bit deeper do you think it would work well as snow??

Well that's all I got for you. If you guys have any questions feel free to drop a comment.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Painting Table #52 2015

This week saw me complete the last two models of the Nomads from the Infinity starter set.

And of course here are the paints I used. Mainly for my reference but some of you might be interested.

I also started on a project that I will be reviewing soon. For now here is a teaser.

So that is two more completed models for the year.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6MMRPC Wrap Up

Figured I would do a short write up of what I managed to finish during this challenge.

Let's start with a review of what I wanted to finish.
1. Tau, a bunch of firewarriors/pathfinders, some kroot and about 9 suits are left at this point
2. BFG Tau, should have the first 3 finished by end of month.
3. The 2 other earth shakers
4.The 2 Mercs starter sets, something like 14 models
5.The Aqua ships I have running around, I think 10 or so models
6. The dystopian war ships I found the other day, frigates for both fleets maybe 5 or 6 each.

I also wanted to do some terrain and such. So here is what I did finish.
1. I finished everything for the Tau.
2. Bfg tau and Bfg Dark Eldar were completed.
3. They were built but never painted since my overall gaming focus has changed.
4. I completed both of the Mercs starter sets.
5. I completed all the aqua and dindrenzi ships.
6. I completed all the Dystopian war ships.
7. I completed 5 of the 7 Nomad models from the infinity starter.
8. I completed a bunch of buildings and other terrain.
9. Completed both DZC starter sets

I think this is about everything. I may have missed some stuff here or there. I however completed all of the projects I set out to do. Along with a bunch of other stuff. I am happy with my overall work during this project.

I have joined up with GMG painting support group for next year.

Make sure you check out what everyone else has done on their blogs because there has been a ton of work done.