Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 in Review

Honestly I won't do a huge write up since I already covered most of this in my 6MMRPC post. Suffice to say I nailed it this year. In general I am planing on not doing points anymore because it just takes to much time and energy to keep track of. I plan on just counting models from now on.
 So let us look at what I did finish.
1. All the remaining tau stuff, was somewhere around 100 models I think.
2. All of my MERCs, DW, FSA, DZC stuff. This includes things I bought this year.
3. Infinity Operation Icestorm Nomad half.
4. Some marines, mainly 3 dreadnoughts.
5. Hills/island, Planets, scatter terrain and a bunch of buildings.
6. Tau and Dark eldar BFG stuff.
7.Tokens. I haven't really showed this on the site. But I have spent a large amount of time the last two months cutting out tokens for BFG, DW, FSA, Infinity, Roman Seas and who knows what else.
8. Assembled and primed a ton more terrain and models that have not been painted yet. More on this in the future.

Overall it has been a great year. I once again smashed all of my goals. Points wise I stopped counting months ago and was over 500, I painted way more then I bought and painted basically everything that was bought. I have tried a bunch of new things this year with very mixed results. I have done more reviews than initially planed, which is nice. And my spending didn't go to crazy at least on the surface.

More in the future.


  1. Awesome, always good to achieve your goals and then smash them. What's the plan for 2016?