Monday, March 31, 2014

March in review

Honestly this month was meh. Didn't spend anything but also didn't make any real progress. Mainly due to the new job. Anyway more to come. Hoping now that I have settled into the new job the painting should pick up again.

More as I get it done. Review of another osprey in next few days as well.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Painting table #9

This past week I started missing with a bit more green on the suits and prepared and started painting the 3rd company. Progress was good but not as good as I hoped.

More later on.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

painting table Saturday #8

this week there was a tiny bit more painting on the suits. The main thing that was done was my son and I put these buildings together from Hawk wargames. Just downloaded, printed etc. Overall they turned out ok. Glue stick glue wasn't strong enough hence the tape. The roofs are also annoying as all hell to build correctly. Hence most of them aren't. We are working on reinforcing the roofs so that all his previous mechs and the new ones he got last week for his birthday can stand on top of them. This coming up week we will make a few smaller building sets to add to his terrain collection.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Painting table Saturday #7

The only progress made this week was the assembly of 1 of m sons bday presents. Other then that it was a lot of work related stuff and sleep. I hope to get back on track this coming up week. Here is a pick of the gundam box and then a comparison shot. It is a annoying kit to build but t be expected for about 2 USD.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Me35: Dark sofies package

Sofie from the same website that I learned about miniature exchange from the same website that inspired painting table Saturday, sent me today's package. Her blog is here, I encourage you to check it out. I got an older gretchin and some orcs for 40k and a skink and 2 gnoblars I believe for fantasy. Sorry for bad picture but the camera is MIA and the other cellphone in the house has a crappy camera.

Monday, March 10, 2014

P3 wet palette review

 I have been using this now for about a month. Overall I have found it very useful. In the past i tried making my own wet palette a few times but never got satisfactory results.

Let me explain why I recommend this in general. The main reason this is so useful in my opinion is the actual box itself. For me this was always the biggest annoyance, not getting a container that properly seals. The box also comes with a stack of papers and the sponge. I have found it works quite well. I have had paints last as long as a week when I remembered to top up the water.

So it is a wet palette and it fulfills the function of the wet palette perfectly fine. Though only reason I recommend buying this one is pure laziness. It gives you everything you need to get going. In the future you don't need to buy paper from PP so that will save you some money in the future. I got mine from Troll Trader. Honestly, I get a lot of my stuff from them because they are fast and reasonably priced. If you are happy making your own and happy with the results, don't waste your money. There are plenty of guides for making them, but as I said I was never satisfied with the end product. Were this one works perfectly fine for me.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Painting table Saturday #6

Progress has been slow this week as I try to adjust to new work place and new schedule. I have finished off what I think will be the brown parts for most of the battle suits on the bench.

You can also see the 3rd company laid out, I was figuring out how much I need to do for them, which is more than I thought, in order to finish them off.

Hopefully there will be more progress this week to next but we shall see.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Osprey Review #3

Today's review will be from the Osprey men at arms series, Artillery Equipments of the Napoleonic Wars.
Now for the short and sweet of it there are a few parts of this book that could be useful to many Napoleonic wargamers. The most useful part is actually one of the things that many people look at the most closely in these books, the plates. The range of color plates in this book are excellent because it shows how all the equipment was painted and such. Along with the normal uniforms and such. There is also a really useful table on page 16 for general color schemes of all the major and some of the minor countries as well. Note this is specifically for the woodwork and metal carriage fittings. It also notes colors of the barrels as well in a separate paragraph. 

The rest of the book deals with giving detailed descriptions of how the equipment evolved and changed. Along with descriptions about ammunition and other little such things.  In all most of the book if your not actually interested in the topic is very dry. However, page 16 and the color plates are very useful for gamers who are trying to figure out how to paint there artillery.


Monday, March 3, 2014

February round up.

I will fully admit that the only reason for February being such a good hobby month is I wasnt working. At the same time I did finish off a huge amount. I managed to complete one goal, have made a dent in another and painted a rather large number of actual in game points. So in review here is what I have painted.

1st company veterans (19 stands in total)
2nd company, battle company ( 3 tactical stands, 4 assault stands, 10 rhinos)
2x warlords
4x warhounds

FSA Dindrenzi
1x battleship
1x carrier
3x cruisers
6x frigates

DW Brit
1x aircraft carrier (the name escapes me atm)
6x escorts
6x flight tokens

Bombshell miniatures
1x betty

I cant say I am disapointed with anything out right. but I do think that many of the models look much better when as much as possible is done with the airbrush and only details done with regular brush/
Points wise here is how I ended up.

Feb:73.50 points
YTD total: 73.50 points

This is a huge dent in my goal for the year so I am quite happy.
painted: 174
bought: 4
trade in: 21
trade out: 5
Sold: 0

I cant be to disappointed with that. Especially since I have formulated a plan for dealing with my space marines, which I will discuss in the future. The main thing I still need though is 13x epic space marine scout stands :(.

DW: 365 points
FSA:650 points
epic: 2450+ points
total: 3465+ points

This is well on the way of reaching my goal for the year. The reason for the + points is I still need to figure out the exact points for the titans. At the moments that score only includes the cost of their hulls not their weapons.

Finally we have the spending.
Feb: -$40.07
YTD total: -$67.25

No complaints there what I bought is what I bought. Most of that was one tool and the rest is stuff I will be showing off in the future. That tool has already proved useful.
I have also achieved my 3rd goal which was finishing off the dindrenzi.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Painting table Saturday 5

This week my bench has been rather emptied with the progress this past week. So  I added on some suits for my tau. At the moment there are 4 broadsides, 2 missile suits and 2 plasma missile. These models along with the two heavy gun drones will be the first ones done for my repainted tau force.

More updates as I can, will probably be erratic since I start my new job next week.