Friday, February 28, 2014

Some new group pics

As promised here are the new group pics. The first one is the DW Brits. This is of course without all the flight tokens.
Here is also the new group picture for the FSA Dindrenzi force.

Painting table tomorrow. Monday will be February wrap up and  there will be a new osprey review next week as well.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Even more Epic finished

I finished off all the veteran stands for the first company. Which along with the previously finished rhinos means that they are ready to field.

I also finished off the 2nd company. For this one I only had to do the rhinos and a 7 assault/tactical stands. The rest were already finished. So now the 2nd company is ready to field as well.

That brings my points and model count to the following.
Models painted: 174 models
Feb: 73.50 points
YTD totals: 73.50 points
points painted: ???

I am going to figure out the points painted over the next few days. I am also going to finish painting up the 3rd and 4th companies next I think. Or maybe finish of the detachments for the 1st and 2nd companies. I also plan on starting to work on my tau some and more will be seen on this this weekend.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

quick update

Finished off the last hull for the aircraft carrier and the rest of my titans.
1x Dw boat hull (and guns)
3x warhound titans
1 x warlord titan

 I also painted the Betty mini from bombshell today as well. This model actually woke me up at about 5am, then I just sat down and started painting her.  I realize I need to work more on faces.

So that raises me to a total of
Feb: 31 points
Ytd total: 31points

Models painted:  34
Points painted: ????

This last piece of my DW brit forces completes the naval aspect of them for now. Group pic  in next few days along with a few others. I am now concentrating on epic sm and tau, more as I get it done.

Me35 welcome box part 2

This is part 2 of the models I got from my welcome box. Mainly the ones that really caught my interest.

First up is Alicia von Gaut, a more inquisitor scale mini by Dark Sphere. She is cool looking but I probably wont paint here just because I don't play in larger scales, never mind I am trying to get into more smaller scales.

Second up is Steampunk Ariielle, by Guild of Harmony. Once again a very cool model. But honestly no idea what I would use it for.

Then we have all the Bombshell miniatures models. Overall, I really like some of them but have no idea what I would use them for right now. Honestly, I got most of the models from the website in this trade. I think betty would make a great commissar model.


Monkey First Mate

Pussy Patrol 

Bug Spray

Dusty Paige


Anyway, I will show off the other stuff I get when the box from Dark Sofie shows up.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Promised update, DW and epic

So as stated in the painting post from Saturday I finished off a bunch of models. I also finished a couple other models as well.

 Here is the list of what was finished:
6 escorts
6 fighter tokens
1 warhound titan
1 warlord titan
the deck of the aircraft carrier
1 hull for the aircraft carrier

I am doing the aircraft carrier as 3 pieces mainly because each one really is a ship in its own right.
So that brings the YTD totals to the following:
Feb: 25 points
YTD total: 25 points

YTD models painted: 28

Going to finish off the last hull and then the rest of the titans next.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Painting table Saturday 4

Whats on the table hasn't changed much but on the other hand I  have actually finished a dozen of them. I finished the 6 fliers and I also finished off the 6 escorts. The main deck of the aircraft carrier is almost finished. The hulls need  a bit more work and I need to find the guns but then they will be done as well. Two of the titans are also almost finished they just need a bit more clean up to be finished.

I will update the rest of the webpage and post finished pics in next few days. Finishing off the carrier asap and the titans then on to more epic marines and maybe tau.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Me35 welcome box

Today, I received a welcome package for ME35 from the guy I actually sent some models to. He sent a bunch of models as a welcome present. Some of the stuff I had heard of but a lot of it is new to me. All but one of the models are basically women. though 2 of the bombshell ones are animals and one of them I don't know what it technically is.
inside the box

This ones from guild of harmony. Closest thing I can find to a name is  Steampunk. I will have to search for more info

Faust Orbatos from anime tactics game. I know nothing about this game but neat little model.

Another company I know nothing about Warforge.

Bombshell lot of models. Pirates, futuristic, one that looks like a commissar and a few other odd ones.
After I think about it a bit more Ill post pics of the ones I want to paint at some point.
That adds 21 new models to my total for the year as well.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

HOP survey

After reading some of the stuff written as comments and in the first HOP article on the results of the survey I realized that I had a rather narrow range of what a miniature war game was. I always thought of things like 40, infinity etc. Mainly the you have a set of models and rules move them around a table covered in terrain and bam or something similar. But after reading many of the comments and such I realized that it is a very very narrow view. Hero quest, D&D and such can also qualify. Which is interesting to me because it means I have basically always been a miniature war gamer. Some of my earliest memories then of war gaming were way back in second edition AD&D, playing with my mom and her group, were models were always used. Never mind, things like hero quest, risk, axis and allies and of course shogun. Other such things that I remember doing when I was younger was actually trying to recreate things like the Normandy beach invasions or world war one trench battles with the massive amounts of army men I had. I also know when my youngest brother was 5 or so we played a lot of games based around his knight and pirate toys that had working cannons.

Even when I was young I remember sighting with friends of the family and them discussing various types of military strategies and why different things worked in x situation but not Y. It is probably a good part of what started my ongoing interest in history as well.

I have talked about it before, but the thing that really got me into what until recently I considered proper war gaming was epic. I saw that in the stores and was hooked immediately and of course when I asked for some for my birthday I got a box of IG storm troopers instead..

Anyone just thought it was interesting and if you havent seen the article check it out on HOP and look for part 2 soon.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Painting table Saturday 3

This week was a good week. On top of the 10 models I already finished I also finished 2 more just the other day. The last frigate and the british bomber I hadnt finished. I also did quite a lot of work on the titans and started working on the aircraft carrier for my british force.

This coming up week I plan on trying to finish off as many titans and british boats as possible. I also plan on bring out more epic stuff to get painted up. I still plan on trying to finish the chapter this year. On that note if anyone knows anyone with spare SCOUT STANDS please drop me a line or ask them to. They are the key models I am missing to finish off my chapter.

That also brings on the YTD update.
Feb:12 poimts
YTD:12 points


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hobby stores in Seoul. Hobby park, Samgakji Station

Hobby park has two branches in Seoul but to be honest I have only been to one of them. That would be the one at Samgakji station. Samgakji station is on line 4 station number 428.
This one is actually really easy to get to. Get to the station and go out exit 4.

This is what you will see when you come out of the station. You want to take the first right.
When you turn the corner you  will see this. Hobby park is on the 1st floor of the building on the left. On the right is a church.

Here is the front of the store.
What you see when you walk in the door.
Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the back area of the store.
 The store carries the normal range of gundam stuff you find in most shops. They also carry a decent ww2 + ships, airplanes and other military model ranges. They also have a small selection of RCs and space ship models, including a small range of star wars ones. They carry most of the MR Hobby paints. They also carry a small amount of brushes, airbrush stuff etc. The only other thing of interest to note is that they also carry a small selection of train stuff, tracks, engines, buildings etc.

The staff were friendly without being overally attentive like you get in some stores. However, English was never spoken so if you are looking for something specific come prepared.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First completed models of the year

That right I finally finished painting some models. 10 to be exact. Though when putting them away I found another frigate that I forgot to paint.

So except for the frigate I forgot about I have almost finished off my dindrenzi FSA fleet. Just 1 more to go for now.  I followed this by laying into my 6 titans that are WIP. More on them later.

So that gives me
Feb: 10 points
YTD total: 10 points

That also changes my painting to bought ratio.
The reason the bought is at -1 is I mailed out 5 models and since I didn't paint them I decided to minus them from the bought category instead. I will do the same with traded models in the future and add in any models I get from trades into the bought category. 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Osprey Review #2

Today's book is Fredrick the Great's Army, from the Men at arms series.
Now this book is not as useful  as the last one for Napoleonic’s for one main reason. None of the book focuses on that time period. However, this book does a lot to explain about why certain things are happening during the Napoleonic’s time period.

This book is very much for those that want the back story or are doing a force for around 1410-1763. The main focus of the book is on the 1712-1763 time period.  The book really explains how Prussia came to be and Fredrick’s early life.
Other important points covered in the book are the history behind Prussia’s and Austria’s relations, the first Silesian war, the second Silesian war, the changes made to the Prussian army and the Seven Years War. The changes to the army focus mainly on the Infantry and cavalry. But also includes topics such as the Hussars and artillery. There are a large number of color pictures covering the following: horse grenadiers, grenadiers, hussars, musketeers, bombardiers, freicorps, lancers, dragoons and officers from various parts of the forces.
So the bottom line, is this book good and why? I liked this book quite a lot. Mainly, because it shows the history of the military and one of Prussia’s key game changers. Even though it is not directly useful if you just want information on how to make your Napoleonic’s Prussian force, it is useful if you enjoy knowing and understanding why things are the way they are during the Napoleonic time period.
So check it out if you want to know the history or if you want to do a force during one of the other time periods. If you don’t want either of those avoid getting it.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Painting table Saturday 2

This week saw a good amount of progress but not as much as I would have liked. Mainly, due to a combination of kids and laziness.  Partly also because I spent a rather large amount of time when I could have been painting out and about looking for new hobby orientated stores. One of which I found and purchased stuff at. I will be doing a how to get their post and general review of it next week.

As you can see the workbench hasn’t changed much. The FSA ships are almost finished and mainly need some touch up. They are the only thing I really worked on this week. I can probably finish them off in less than an hour of painting. After that I cant decide if I should focus on the titans or the DW ships. I also will need to continue with more epic assembly. One other project I am working on that isn’t on the table is related to my purchase at that new hobby shop and will be shown off as soon as I am finished making it.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More spending

Only one picture today.

I picked up this handy little guy because I have been meaning to get a cheaper little thing to help with mold lines and such. At least until I convince the wife we need a dremel set.
I also piked up a few secret items that you should see in a post soon. They will make gaming at home much better I think.

the last thing I picked up was a few cheap brushes for some upcoming and current painting since all of my cheap ones were DOA and the store is sold out of any good ones.
So that makes spending for this month at:
Feb: -$40.07
YTD: -$67.25

So there goes a large chunk of my budget for this year. On painting front I have mainly been working on the FSA ships. Hopefully will have them done for the end of the week.


Monday, February 3, 2014

January wrap up and plans for feburary

Ok in short January sucked. Between the injury and job stuff I haven't gotten much done until this past week and I have spent a chunk of my budget.

Painting wise I did nothing. so 0 points
I bought four new models technically so 0/4 on that.
I am also now at -$27.18 for YTD spending.

This month hopefully things will be better. I want to get as many of the titans done as possible and finish as much assembly of the epic SM as possible. I would also like to finish off the dindrenzi on the table since that should be easy.

So look forward to actual progress again and soon.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Painting table Saturday 1

As I discussed in my last post I decided to copy sofie and do this. Below are pics of what I have on the table at the moment. This week was mainly priming and basecoating  of models. I primed and base coated all the FSA ships, DW stuff, 3 warhounds, a warlord and the two gun drones. I also started painting more detail on the other warhound and warlord. I also assembled two more stands of assault marines for epic 40k.

This week I hope to finish off at least the two titans I started and maybe the FSA stuff since thats usually easy to do quickly. I mainly want to start making up for time after the injury and such.