Sunday, December 28, 2014

The scoring system for 2015 and goals

Short update- Wayland is now telling me that they mailed it on Dec 24th. I have demanded a refund and will be reporting them to the UK trading standards if they don't. So in Short DO NOT BUY FROM WAYLAND GAMES.

Beware this is a wall of text.
I am planing on stealing the excellent system from the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge. So go check them out there is some excellent stuff there. For the purpose of clarity I have made it a bit easier for my use.

6mm foot= .5pts
6mm mounted, artillery, crew gun= 1pts
6mm vehicle= 2pts
6mm large/huge models= TBD

10mm foot= 1pts
10mm mounted, arillery, crew gun=2pts
10mm vehicle=3pts
10mm large/huge models= TBD

15mm foot=2pts
15mm  mounted, artillery, crew gun= 4pts
15mm vehicle= 6pts
15mm large/huge models= TBD

28mm foot=2pts
28mm  mounted, artillery, crew gun= 4pts
28mm vehicle= 6pts
28mm large model= 8pts
28mm super huge model=  16pts

Terrain= will be determined based on scale and size/complexity of piece.

Now for the Goals. Once again there will be painting "x" army goals, a spending, models painted vs bought and points. I have decided to pass on actual points because its to hard often to keep track, especially with all the edition changes that have happened across all the game systems I have.

So the painting goals first.
1. Paint all the tau stuff I have.
2. Paint at least 1 DZC force
3. Paint the 2 merc forces I have
4. Paint 400 points
5. Build/paint at least 2 pieces of terrain.
6. Paint more than I buy again. preferabley on the 2 to 1 scale

Now spending goal this year is a little different. I will only include cost of models and materials to make things. Not tools or paint this year. The goal is still $350 for the year.

What do you guys think? What are your goals for 2015? Don't forget the contest is still on and so is access to the painting table.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Painting Table #30-

Btw guys Wargame vault is doing a sale, including a lot of osprey stuff. It's 25% so not earth shattering but some great deals on there none the less. Here is what my desk currently looks like. Mainly I got the chance to organize stuff this past week.

The rest of the actual time was spent with my oldest fixing and building stuff. We built this LBX (see below), this is another great kit that doesn't require glue, clippers or paint. These guys also have interchangeable parts and a game built into the box. No idea how the game is instructions are in Korean and Japanese at the moment. So need to sus them out.

After I finish this post my oldest and I will be working on this snap fit x-wing kit he got.

That's it for now. I do have some vacation next week so hopefully I can get started on my new year of painting goals.
Oh it also seems I got some of the models wrong that I got in the mantic box. I actually received the Dreadball Dozer and I think Mellisandra MVPS. Not a plague tetraton (sp?) and whatever that other mvp was. Anyway  more as I get it done.

Friday, December 26, 2014

A short rage

I am truly annoyed yet again by Wayland games. This year it caused me to have almost no gifts to open with my oldest... Getting gaming stuff is hard enough in South Korea without them screwing me over. I ordered from them twice in 2014. And will never again. Not when alternatives actually due what they say when they say. The first time they actually shipped the package more than a week after they originally told me they did. I will give them credit though, this time they have communicated better, but not by much.

Now let's put it in perspective. I ordered stuff that was all classified as in stock and ready to ship on November 8th. Wanting to beat the rush and such. They confirmed on the 9th. Then on the 20th they decide to tell me that they haven't shipped yet and will not be shipping because they hadn't received the product.... Why are you telling me they are in stock and ready to ship... Why does it take you 12 days from ordering to tell me this.... Next they tell me on the 24th that it has been shipped. Fast forward to today and I still haven't received it....

In comparison I ordered Mantics Sci-fi Crazy box on Dec 10th. It was shipped on the 12th. I received it on the 24th.. I also now from past experience when things haven't shown up from mantic in a timely fashion, ie 30days, if I drop them a message they fix it. I dropped waylands a message the other day (24th there time) lets see what happens. However, I think I will be canceling via paypal soon so I can at least get the money back. I am sick of them pulling this, it may only be the second time this year but its the 3rd time in the last two years and considering how large my normal orders are this is ridiculous.

I know this is not an isolated problem as I have seen things like this repeatedly in the past. Unfortunately, I live in a country with very little in the way of mini wargaming resources.
The alternatives besides direct from the companies themselves are of course The Troll Traders shop and of course some other UK and USA based ones. The troll trader usually communicates and ships quickly in my experience.

Anyway, end of rage. How about you guys any online retailers you guys can recommend?


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review of Mantic Sci-fi Crazy box

Lets start with the contents.

1 connector sprue
2 accessory sprues
2 ruins sprues

1 maruader raptor

1 Helfather metal mini
1 Plague Teraton
5 man enforcer troop booster
3 man plague troop booster
2 man maruader specialist booster

1 Praetorian
1 Anne-Marie helder
 and what appears to be Ludwig

1 Kow poster

Now the pros and cons. Yes its worth the money overall value wise. I personally don't have much use for the dreadball stuff, and i cant believe I got another raptor, that's my 3rd from crazy boxes. However, out of all these minis this year they included only 1 base... 1 out of more than a dozen models. The only other sorta grumpy complaint I have is they one of the ruined sprues has piles of debris that you put together, I only have half of one pile due to there sprue selections. Other than that I like it and may actually buy another. I also received my set of acrylic deadzone counters, on first look they are nice but they seem to be rather small. Shipping was nice and fast though. I am considering getting another.


Ideas for next year

Here are some of the projects I am considering for this next year.

Tau- need a few models to finish the force and most of it is primed and based.
DZC- I have to starter forces to paint
Mercs- I want to paint my two starter sets
Terrain- battlezone stuff I have and other things.
Space marines- this  one I could work on more but cant finish till I get some specific bits for dreads and create/buy bits for 2 other squads.
Deadzone- I have 2 factions and extras to paint
Warzone, aka DKK- Got the guys and could easily start on building out the force.

So what are you guys thinking of doing? I'm still on the fence and trying to flush out my point system and goals for the next year. I also am working on a few reviews and figuring out how to create those tutorials. More as it comes up.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Models I painted

So here is what I painted.

FSA Dindrenzi:
1 battleship
3 cruisers
1 carrier
6 frigates

Dw Brits:
1 bomber
6 tokens
6 excorts
1 aircraft carrier

1 random gundam
1 Gretchin
1 Betty mini from Bombshell

40k Tau:
2 heavy gundrones
4 broadsides
4 crisis suits
12 stealth suits
2 devilfish
1 shadowsun

Epic 40k:
First company :  
                Vetran Company
                Terminator Detachment
                Chapter Master
                Combined Dreadnaught Squad
                Landraider Detachment
Second Company: 
                Battle company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider  detachment
                Bike squadron
Third Company: 
                Battle Company
                Landraider detachment
                Whirlwind Battery
Bike Squadron
Fourth Company:  
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider detachment
                Thudd gun Battery
Fifth Company: 
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind battery
                Landraider detachment
                Rapier Battery
Sixth Company: 
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
                Tarantuala Support Battery
Seventh Company: 
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Eighth Company: 
                Assault Company
                Bike Squadron
                Landspeeder typhoon Squad
                Warhound titan squad
Ninth Company: 
                Devastator Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Thunderhawk Lander 
Tenth Company: 
                Scout Company

                Warhound Titan

Yeah that's a lot of stuff. My favorite for the year was the Betty mini. She was a lot of fun to paint and inspired me as soon as I saw it. More to come and don't forget to check out the contest.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Changes and Painting Table Saturday

The look of the blog will be changing a bit over the next few weeks. Most of the points and stuff will be moved to its own tab page on the navigation bar. The bookmarks will also be changed and this is were the Painting Table Saturday part comes in.

I originally started doing it last year when Dark Sofia was running it on her blog. I thought it was a great way to not only see what other people were working on but to help me stay motivated to paint.

So here is how I am going to run it. I will create a separate blog roll on my page for people who wish to take part. The rules are as follows.
1. drop me a message with a link to your blog.
2. Post at least once a month with a Painting Table Saturday tittle.

That's it, I don't care what you paint. Models, busts, dioramas, model cars etc etc. I want this to be a way for people to find new things and maybe learn a thing or two by looking at other peoples blogs. So join up if you wish. Let's not only motivate ourselves more but also motivate others.

 Don't forget to check out the contest as well.
More later.


Monday, December 22, 2014

The year in review

Let's start with the goals for the year.
1. paint or sell more than I buy
2. finish off the core of my epic marines army
3. Finish off my FSA Dindrenzi force
4. Do a review a month
5. Paint 350 points worth.
6. Spend $350 or less.
7. Paint 1000 models
8. Paint at least 5000 actual points
9. Finish off the DW naval stuff.

Now let us take a look at  how I did.
1 and 7. This I did well on. I bought and had traded in 284 models. I painted and sent out 1140 models. So all in all a great job.
2. I finished off not only the core of my marines but also all of the detachments.
3. I finished off all of the FSA Dindrenzi models.
4. I tried to do this but honestly just didn't have the time and I got bored reviewing osprey stuff.
5. I actually painted 360 points, so I made my goal. The point system will be changing next year.
6. I ended up spending just over the $350. I spend a total of $377.80. I don't feel to bad on this one I did even better than last year. This will also change a bit next year in how I calculate.
8. I painted well over my goal in fact I think I painted four times my goal. I know I painted at least 15000 but I have a feeling I may have actually gotten over 20000.
9. This I finished off quickly at the beginning of the year.

So all in all it was a great year. Besides the spending and reviews I did very well. So that is that. Between this week and next I will reveal the plans for next year and set some new goals. Don't forget that I have a contest running until next month, to celebrate my 2nd continuous year of blogging.  And yes I am working on the how to for my earth shaker cannon with carriage.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The next contest aka the big 2 year celebration

My blog is much older then 2 years but the end of this month marks the end of my 2nd continues year of blogging. To celebrate I am giving a way a whole box of goodies. There will be 3 choices. A box of fantasy type stuff, a box of sci-fi type stuff or a mixed box. The box will contain as much stuff as I can pack in it.

The details:
1. Respond to the post saying that you are in, also include your choice of box.
2. doing the above will get you 1 entry into the contest
3. If you are a follower of the blog you will receive an additional entry
4. The contest ends on January 23rd.
5. The winner will be announced the 24th.
6. The winner will have 2 weeks to contact me to get there prize shipped to them.

Best of luck to all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Progress is progress

So first off, I sold off my Romans. So that adds an extra $140. Then again I also went and spent more money, but what you gona do, so that's -$54.70. Mainly I picked up the sci-fi crazy box by mantic and the acrylic token set for deadzone. I love the mantic idea of crazy box mainly due to price and its sci-fi focus this year. Great for all kinds of interesting little bits.

Then we have what I meant to post on Monday but was too sick to do so.
So I pretty much wraped up the priming of my scratch built earth shaker on carriage. Primed the manta, finished off the last of the epic detachments and started working on the 28mm marines again.

Soo that is not only my epic goal more then complete that is all of my current epic stuff complete. I think I may have a rouge warhound somewhere to paint but everything else I have is extra marine stuff.
Points wise that's another 9.75 points and 22 more models done.

More as I get it done. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Painting Table Saturday #29

First off, Hudson you have until next Friday to contact me to claim your prize. Otherwise the prize gets rolled into next months give away.

Still working on the last set of detachments for the 2nd company, will probably finish them off this weekend. My son also started working on his raptor from manic games. Overall it went well. I will also have more announcements this coming up week. So stay tune.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Painting table Saturday # 28 and contest result

First off the winner is Hudson. So congratz and drop me a line so I can get your package out to you. If you missed this  contest don't worry I will be doing another at around the 300th post count which should be in a month or so. That will be a larger contest.

As for the painting table nothing has really changed, the 2nd company is still sitting there. Most of my hobby time this week I spent teaching my oldest how to prep his models for building and talking about how to clean them and why.

Hopefully I can finish off the 2nd company this coming up week and then spend the rest of the month preparing for the new year.

Anyway more as it happens.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

So close I can taste it

I have finished off the detachments for the 1st and 8th companies but first a reminder. My free models give away ends this Friday.  All you have to do to have a chance is go to this post and say you want in on the contest.

So that is 48 more models painted. That is also another 17.75 points.
Next on the table is the very last set of detachments I have at the moment. The detachments for the 2nd company. That's a whirlwind battery, a bike detachment, a landraider squadron, and a command stand and rhino.

More as I get it done and remember to sign up for the contest. At the time of the writing of this post there is only 1 entrant.