Sunday, December 28, 2014

The scoring system for 2015 and goals

Short update- Wayland is now telling me that they mailed it on Dec 24th. I have demanded a refund and will be reporting them to the UK trading standards if they don't. So in Short DO NOT BUY FROM WAYLAND GAMES.

Beware this is a wall of text.
I am planing on stealing the excellent system from the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge. So go check them out there is some excellent stuff there. For the purpose of clarity I have made it a bit easier for my use.

6mm foot= .5pts
6mm mounted, artillery, crew gun= 1pts
6mm vehicle= 2pts
6mm large/huge models= TBD

10mm foot= 1pts
10mm mounted, arillery, crew gun=2pts
10mm vehicle=3pts
10mm large/huge models= TBD

15mm foot=2pts
15mm  mounted, artillery, crew gun= 4pts
15mm vehicle= 6pts
15mm large/huge models= TBD

28mm foot=2pts
28mm  mounted, artillery, crew gun= 4pts
28mm vehicle= 6pts
28mm large model= 8pts
28mm super huge model=  16pts

Terrain= will be determined based on scale and size/complexity of piece.

Now for the Goals. Once again there will be painting "x" army goals, a spending, models painted vs bought and points. I have decided to pass on actual points because its to hard often to keep track, especially with all the edition changes that have happened across all the game systems I have.

So the painting goals first.
1. Paint all the tau stuff I have.
2. Paint at least 1 DZC force
3. Paint the 2 merc forces I have
4. Paint 400 points
5. Build/paint at least 2 pieces of terrain.
6. Paint more than I buy again. preferabley on the 2 to 1 scale

Now spending goal this year is a little different. I will only include cost of models and materials to make things. Not tools or paint this year. The goal is still $350 for the year.

What do you guys think? What are your goals for 2015? Don't forget the contest is still on and so is access to the painting table.



  1. I have had many problems with wayland so never order from them any more. Waited over 3 months for an order once. Not a happy bunny!

    My goals for 2015 are to finish painting a viable 1850pt dark eldar army, get an infinity team painted and finish a few space wolf units. Oh and get my malifaux warband started/finished. Not much then :D

    1. Not too bad. I know my big one will be the tau. Think its around 100 models or so to paint. The rest is easy.