Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of January

Well January is over and here is my YTD for painting I have achieved 20pts. Not as many as I would like but by doing 40 Romans at once it slowed me down a bit. And YTD spending is -$119.53. Overall not unhappy with that I got in quite a large chunk of models that I had bought before I started my self imposed painting goals and such. I will post pictures tomorrow of the progress on the Romans. I am still trying to decide on my next project and will also be posting a review in few days about dropzone commanders rule book. As a side note if you have a modeling blog let me know I am looking for more up to date blogs to read, follow and link.

Until then.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Romans and Dystopian prussians

As you can see in the below pictures the magnetizing of the Prussian ships was easy. The bombers on the other hand failed horribly  I am going to pick up omni stands for them and the rest of my spaceships and such in the near future. So I am counting them as finished.

As for the Romans I have been working on, I have done everything but skin ink and shields for the first two squads (40 models). The skin is driving me nuts. I have tried 3 different mixes and can't seem to get it right.

So I will keep experimenting with that and finish off the shields and do touch up no problem. Then it will be just a bit of ink and flocking to complete them.
Anyway, that's it for now trying to decide if I should do more Romans next or do something else so I don't get burnt out with the Romans.

Oh and YTD for painting challenge
Points so far:20
Points till goal: 280

Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Dropzone commander PHR starter

Just a quick review. I got this starter at the end of last month. The models are very very nice. I was a little worried at first because of some of the reviews I read from back when the models first came out. But, it seems there are no problems. The models are beautifully detailed and have very little flash. I am planning on picking up more in trade or later in this year after I get enough points. I will give a review of my first impression of the rule book in the near future. mainly just my first impressions. If you want some great models even if you don't want to play the game check them out. (sorry about photos, blogger wont put them the right way.)

Partial back

What you get in the box (actually i love the foam insert)

The normal square and peg flight stands used by many companies

Tanks are 3 peaces each

1 set of the walkers

one of the neptunes

metal immortals and there resin type bases

That's it for today and in another day or two painting update along with a example of how to magnetize and how not to magnetize dystopian wars stuff.


Friday, January 18, 2013

wahoo still on track

Well I finished touching all the ships up but still waiting for tools to magnetize the bombers and ships. Also made quite a but of progress on about 40 Romans  Below are some pics. Suggestions on skin ideas for the Romans would be much appreciated. I will not add them to the completed list until they are magnetized.

Ships and some heads

base coated, armor, weapons , shoes, clothing done

Based and armor done

Review of some my newest models and more painting next week.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First painting project

Below is what I have completed so far. Everything except for the bombers is finished at this point.
I have some touch up to do on the 4 largest boats after my new brushes show up and I may add
some extra details to the fighters then as well. The only other things left are to finish painting
the bombers and then to magnetize the turrets on the biggest ships. So for now I am counting the
 smallest ships and fighters as finished. After touch up on the large ships magnetizing and finishing
the work on the bombers I will add them to being finished. I will start up the romans now until
my new equipment shows up. Below are pics of finished and in progress stuff.
So my new score is
Jan points: 14pts
YTD points: 14pts
Amount left till goal: 286

frigates in 2 squads of 4 and a squad of 1 that will be
expanded in the future.

red are fighters, green are bombers and yellow are 
torpedo bombers


the two incomplete bombers.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This years goals and YTD spending

So I have decided that my goal for the year is 300 points. I have at least 500 points I could paint. I have already started my first project my Dystopian wars Prussian starter and made a lot of progress. A Picture is  below. But first My year to date spending is as follows:
dropzone commander models 40.01
firestorm armada models 45.68
brushes, paints etc. 33.84
So this ytd so far is $119.50

The last thing I would like to bring up is my resolutions.
1. No new blister pack or single models until 75 points.
2. No new box sets until 125 points
3. No new projects until 200 points.
4. Complete minimum of 300 points by end of December

I will outline my progress for this past week and my future and current projects in my next post in a day or two.
BYE.. Aruki

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 painting challenge

All right here is my rough idea for how to do points for my models.

6mm figure= 0.25
10mm/15mm figure, FOW small vehicle, 6mm vehicle, Dystopian wars fighter=0.5
28mm figure, FOW tank/large vehicle, Dystopian wars ships/bombers, Firestorm Armada Space ships=1
28mm large model/tank=5

Comments or your ideas are welcome. I am also going to try and keep track of the overall number of models I have that need to be painted and painted for each game. That will require a day or two to tally up though. As for my goals points wise. I believe with the current point system a goal of 200 points by the end of the year would be good. Mainly I think this because of my current model count this is achievable. But I will make the final decision after I do a model tally. Mainly because I am sure I can reach that with just my mantic dwarf army, maybe.

As for what I am going to get rid of, I have been considering this a lot the last two weeks. I think I am going to get rid of my IG foot army, except for a small number to use as allies, as well as my battle tech (here I need to actually acquire the correct models for my chosen force), as well as my High Elves (very small force that I just don’t feel like building up and painting anymore). I am also considering thinning out the massive number of marine models I have. I will also definitely get rid of my infinity stuff. I only bought the models and such for a competition that was running here and gave them a quick ugly paint job so I could play a few games. I may also thin out my epic marines. Mainly because I am pretty sure I have enough to do a whole chapter and really don’t need that many. But I still need to acquire a few more key models I don’t have.

More on exact goals, model count and year to date spending in another day or two. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to drop me a line. Until then later. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This blog has been dead for a while just because of life. My hobby time for both painting and gaming has been almost nil. This has mainly been because of changing work schedules and new family members. During this New Year I would like to repurpose the blog to help motivate me to start painting again and complete many of the projects I have started but never finished. This will include stuff that’s already on here and many new things. Along the way I will have to also weed out some projects and get rid of them in trade via barter town or eBay if possible. I will also try using the point count system to see how many point I can get for painting and keep track of miniature spending over the year.

My current projects are:
Finish basing all of my tau (also considering striping and repainting these)
Paint and base my foot IG army
Paint and base my SM
Paint and base my British FOW
Paint and base my Military order Infinity
Paint and base my WAB Romans (warlord games)
Paint my Dystopian wars (Prussian and British )
Paint my Dropzone commander (PHR)
Paint my firestorm armada (Aqua)
Paint and base my Mantic dwarf army
Paint and base WFB HE
Paint my Battletech
Paint and base epic space marines

I will endeavor to post at least once a week with updates to my painting and monthly on my acquisitions. In next day or two I will be posting the point system I will be using for painting and my current year to date (even though it’s only 9 days into new year) of money spent and such.