Friday, May 30, 2014

Not a painting table but some info none the less.

This past couple of weeks have been rather insane for me. So I honestly haven't touched anything since those epic marines. It also killed the organization drive I was on. But heck that's what the real world work does to us. Now also seems as good as a time as any to do my May round up.

So lets see I painted a total of  30.75 Points. Not great but not to bad either. Hopefully I can get back on track soon.

I actually painted a total of 107 models this month. Once again not great but not bad either.

Total points painted, well I have no idea I really need to sit down again and figure out where I am at on all this painting stuff.

I did receive everything I ordered in and hopefully they will hit the table soon. I was also given a 1/35 tank that I am going to try and make into an earthshaker on carriage I think.
The only other thing would be a product I ordered in to originally help my wife but I heard it is great for models. So I want to give it a shot and do a full review when I have the chance.

The main thing I did this past month was spend money it seems. I spent a total of $111.12. That is a huge chunk of my budget for this year. So this coming up month I will probably try and get my act together to sell of stuff that is gathering dust.

more later

Monday, May 19, 2014

Speaking of progress

During my youngest's nap on Sunday I managed to sit down and finish off all of the 4th company. For this one I had to redo everything on the guys except for the missile launchers, quite a few of these were actually completely new models as well.

Still need to finish off my new warlord figure for SM, the Tau suits, thunderhawk and lander. After that I will start on the 5th company, I think. One of the things I have been doing since Saturdays post is slowly looking at what I need to do. I will let you guys know once I figure it out. One other tidbit of information. I am getting a sell list together for all the models I want to trade away or sell off including extra epic stuff I have. If you interested drop me a line, will be extra epic stuff, some 40k marines, Romans by warlord games and some mantic stuff.

May: 30.75 points
YTD: 130 points
Models Painted: 366


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Painting Table Saturday #16

Just a little detail painting here and there and finishing off some areas I missed on the 4th company stuff. This week as long as life isnt crazy I plan on finishing these guys off and then moving on to the other stuff.

One thing I have realized is that I need to get back to being more organized so that I can paint more often and more economically in both materials and time.

More as I get it done.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Spending money and such

So first off, I slapped a bit of paint on a new gundam my son got. Not much to look at but building and painting this old kit still took up a lot of my free time this week. But he is happy since it looks more like the one on the box and I am happy since I got to do a bit of painting. No picture though because he took it as soon as it was dry and ran away to grandma's for a few days.

Now I did spend a bunch this week. I backed the asteroids kickstarter, -$23.52. I bought 10 thudguns and mole mortars off fee bay for -$20.00.

Then I decided to hell with it I am sick of trying to find these needed scout models (shadow knight cell). So I ordered 20 stands worth of these guys and some extra bases for -$56.27. They are from steel crown productions by the way. Review in the future.

Guild Shadow Knight Cell

Then I rounded it off by picking up a couple new paints and restocking on the blue for my epic just in case, -$11.33.

An expensive week to say the least. So that puts me at:

May: 2 points
YTD: 99.25 points
models painted:261
Models bought: 132

Painting table tomorrow with the progress made on the epic stuff. Don't forget people there is still time to sign up for ME36.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Painting table Saturday #15

This week was ok. I mainly spent the week finishing priming and then base coating all the recently built models. That's the new warlord for my SM, all the bases for the 4th company, the tanks for the 4th company, the thunderhawk and the lander.

My plan for the coming weeks is to finish everything on the table off, including the suits for my tau on the back part. From now on I want to try and keep 1 project on the table at a time.

That is it for today.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Plans for the future and a reach out for help.

I will start out with my request for help. I am looking for epic Armageddon or epic 40k space marine scouts. A bunch of them, like 13 stands worth. I have had no luck locating them and I would rather not have to use another company as subs. I would like to be able to finish off my chapter as a pure epic model one. So if you know anyone, have them yourself or whatever please drop me a line. I am willing to pay a reasonable price but not the absurd ones I keep getting offered.

Now plans wise the Space marines have been at the forefront of my thoughts along with a few other projects. I will start with the marines today and try to get some other peoples opinions. Then move on to the other projects in future posts.

First off I will need more basic bodies to fulfill my plans. I am thinking 15-20 new bodies with minimum of 10 shield set ups maybe as many as 15 for extra options and fun. The main dilemma I am having here is armor type(s). So during this long weekend I browsed yoymart to come up with some ideas.

Now my favorite armor is the good old corvus MK VI. I have always loved the look of these guys since I first started playing. I can get the boarding assault upgrades easily enough as well but then it starts getting expensive around 200 for the 20 kited out guys. Now part of the problem is I also need some other guys for fleshing out squads in general. So I am thinking what I do is buy  2 or 3 breacher squads and then 2 or 3 corvus  and maybe one upgrade set.  This will give me 20-30 bodies 16-18 of which will be outfitted as boarders along with a few of the old sternguard I have running around as sarges. Will still be expensive but also a decent amount cheaper in long run. It will also be something I can build up over time.

I am also debating grabbing a twin-linked plasma and lascannon set for the razorbacks, could be nice to have one running around, along with a stalker/hunter upgrade, mainly because I have a feeling I will need some anti air at one point.

Also just an interesting think I noticed while shopping on there they have added a few BFG ships, the BFG fortress and a few other odds and ends for specialist games that I don't remember seeing before.
Then of course there is this guy that keeps talking to me every time I see that website, I will give in one day and get him.

More in the future.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Wrap up and other news worthy stuff

Wrap up

I will start with a quick wrap up of the important info for April then move on to the good part. So here is what happened.

April Points: 23.75
April spending: -$21.71
April models painted: 85

total points painted: ??
Honestly for the last one I haven't been keeping track. I will need to figure it out. Not to bad of a month but not great either. I will need to step up my game on painting. Spending was fine though.


Next bit of news, is Miniature exchange 36 is a go, sign ups are open until just before May 30th, I think . I have signed up twice this time around and cant wait to see what sorts of things show up on there. So check it out.


I am currently watching two kickstarters. 

The first, which no one will probably be surprised by, is the Games & Gears Ichiban Studio ProLine Brushes. the one thing I don't like about this is that they have cashed in massively and have few freebies. But even more annoying is the shipping costs, more than double the cost of ordering from there website. There excuse for why no free shipping to South Korea was there is no warehouse here. I am still thinking about it but haven't decided yet.

The second one is by T.J.H. models. I would love me some asteroids and these ones look like they could be decent. I am planing on getting Advanced Goal #1. 12 asteroids should be enough for my needs here at home.
Anyone check the stuff out if your up for it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Painting table Saturday #14

A bit of progress this past week.

As you can see the gretchin has been painted to my sons specifications. Everything else except for the bottom of the thunderhawk have been primed. Hope to finish off more  in next few days with the long weekend here in South Korea.

To update the totals
May: 1 point
YTD points: 98.25
models Painted:1
YTD models painted: 260

Wrap up tomorrow and more stuff later this week. Keep tuned.