Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Wrap up and other news worthy stuff

Wrap up

I will start with a quick wrap up of the important info for April then move on to the good part. So here is what happened.

April Points: 23.75
April spending: -$21.71
April models painted: 85

total points painted: ??
Honestly for the last one I haven't been keeping track. I will need to figure it out. Not to bad of a month but not great either. I will need to step up my game on painting. Spending was fine though.


Next bit of news, is Miniature exchange 36 is a go, sign ups are open until just before May 30th, I think . I have signed up twice this time around and cant wait to see what sorts of things show up on there. So check it out.


I am currently watching two kickstarters. 

The first, which no one will probably be surprised by, is the Games & Gears Ichiban Studio ProLine Brushes. the one thing I don't like about this is that they have cashed in massively and have few freebies. But even more annoying is the shipping costs, more than double the cost of ordering from there website. There excuse for why no free shipping to South Korea was there is no warehouse here. I am still thinking about it but haven't decided yet.

The second one is by T.J.H. models. I would love me some asteroids and these ones look like they could be decent. I am planing on getting Advanced Goal #1. 12 asteroids should be enough for my needs here at home.
Anyone check the stuff out if your up for it.

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