Friday, May 30, 2014

Not a painting table but some info none the less.

This past couple of weeks have been rather insane for me. So I honestly haven't touched anything since those epic marines. It also killed the organization drive I was on. But heck that's what the real world work does to us. Now also seems as good as a time as any to do my May round up.

So lets see I painted a total of  30.75 Points. Not great but not to bad either. Hopefully I can get back on track soon.

I actually painted a total of 107 models this month. Once again not great but not bad either.

Total points painted, well I have no idea I really need to sit down again and figure out where I am at on all this painting stuff.

I did receive everything I ordered in and hopefully they will hit the table soon. I was also given a 1/35 tank that I am going to try and make into an earthshaker on carriage I think.
The only other thing would be a product I ordered in to originally help my wife but I heard it is great for models. So I want to give it a shot and do a full review when I have the chance.

The main thing I did this past month was spend money it seems. I spent a total of $111.12. That is a huge chunk of my budget for this year. So this coming up month I will probably try and get my act together to sell of stuff that is gathering dust.

more later

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