Saturday, January 31, 2015

Painting Table

There is no painting table this week because the only things I have done are for tutorials.  Other than that I have built the below building.

I will be doing a review of the mantic battlezone stuff later this coming up week for those curious.

Also remember that you can join the painting table all that's needed is to drop a comment with your blog tittle and I will add it to the special bar. I only ask 2 things, first make sure you are actually painting stuff. Second, please at least once a month do a label or a post actually called Painting Table.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Max Mini-Mechanical Shields

I picked out these shields because I just ran flat out of luck finding or getting the shields I really desire for my Siege Mantels. 
The casts are very clean. They will require basically no cleaning up besides the normal scrubbing and a little smoothing out on the edges. I look forward to painting and attaching all these guys.

The mechanical parts are just enough without being overwhelming. 
The cost was acceptable after dealing with all the failures I had. This is my first purchase from Max Mini and I am impressed. I look forward to getting some other things from them. So check them out. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scratch built earth shaker tutorial: Part 2

The first thing I did was cut the two different size pipes to what I considered the right lengths and then connect them together. To do this I did a circle of the bars of plastic card on the inside. I then green stuffed the joint in order to make the transition between the 2 parts more smooth. I also green stuffed the end in order to hide the cut marks.

For the chassi I followed the instructions for assembling the bottom but not attaching the top part of the chassi.

This was followed by building a platform on the bottom parts. It was on two different levels and also had slopped plastic card connecting the two bits. The next step isn't in the photo but is very straight forward. I green stuffed the joints in the plates and edges of the platform.

I then used my files/sandpaper and dremel to clean up all the green stuff.

In part 3 I will show the rest of the assembly for the main chassi and possibly the gun barrel. Part 4 will focus on the last parts of the gun deck and such. There will be a longer gap because I need time to build up and photograph the other two parts.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scratch built earth shaker tutorial: Part 1 materials

I have no idea how many posts will be in this series but I figure its best to start with the basics. So here is what I know I used.

-plastic card
-two different sizes of plastic pipes ( never measured them found ones I liked the size of and ran with it)
-green stuff and other similar products
- some rectangular sticks of plastic card (no idea on the proper name for these)
-instant mold
-A4 sheet of fine wire mesh
-the following two model kits

Now for an important note about the above two kits. For me gundams are easy to get and can often be bought much cheaper than in many other parts of the world. The 3 I bought for doing these conversions cost me around $24 when they were on sale in total.

The  M-12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage  kit could probably have been used not only to build the whole kit itself but even has a gun barrel in it that seems to match up well with the GW basilisk. The only thing I am not sure on is the size of the tank since I don't have a single chimera chasi vehicle and have never owned one. So cant really guess the size of it. Originally I was going to use them alone to make everything but decided against it after looking at the overall size. I did however use a lot of accessories from this box for making the earth shaker look a little more realistic. One of these I was given I bought the other two for about $20. They are a usefull addition non the less to my bits box for future projects.

In part 2 I will start with the basic construction. That should be out in the next few days.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

300th post/ Painting table Saturday #4 2015

So as you can see things timed out well. Not only is it the 300th post but also the day of the announcement of the contest winner and of course painting table.

The winner of the contest  according to is Nafnaf. So get in touch with me to claim your prize.

This week I completed my warhound and that's about it. So that is 1 more model painted and 2 more points.

I did some work on my post for the first scratch building post and a little more work on my marble post as well. I hope to have the first earth shaker post out tomorrow (if my spawn cooperate tonight).

More as it happens. And get in touch with me Nafnaf.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scratch built Earth Shaker on carriage comparison pics

Just to give an idea of the size of this thing here are pics.

Rhino pics.

Devilfish pics

Here is a pic with the devilfish and the barrel is lined up with the end of the devilfish.

As you can see this thing is massive. Part of the reason it is so big is the gun barrel. I always felt that these huge earth shaker guns that are supposed to hurl shells a massive distance were just to tiny on the basilisk. I have never seen an actual earth shaker on carriage to be able to gauge just how big the forgeworld models are.
Comments always welcome,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just a quick update and other news

I spent some cash on a frigate corvette set for my Aquas and broke down and bought shields for my marine siege tac squads. So -$36.83 and 10 more models bought for the year. Along with the dreadnought I got in the past this nicely forms up my fleet. Only need some heavy cruisers, cruisers and maybe some gunships for more fun/choice.

I was very glad to hear that the british post changed there mind on paint in the mail and look forward to being able to order more in the future for a bit cheaper.

As for this week I should be able to write up the first part of the earth shaker tutorial this week and get that up. The marble one will not be far behind. Painting wise I haven't done much except get bits together and put a bit more color on my warhound. I hope to finish him this week and maybe the last of the marines that are on the table.

That is about it guys more as I do it.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Painting table #3 2015

Another week and more progress. Some non pictured progress would be starting to work on the warhound titan, messing around more with the buildings we are making and a bit of work on other models on the desk.

This week I mainly completed the first earth shaker on carriage and 4 of the marines that were on the desk, namely 2 assault, a chaplain and the siege dude that will be my main hq, though I am not completely happy with his shield so I may revisit it in the future.

The warzone/IG sarge is there for scale.

The marine was originally there for scale too but this pic is much funnier.

assault 1 and 2, the siege HQ guy and the chaplain with jump pack.

So that's 5 more models and a total of 14 points. I treated the earth shaker as a regular size vehicle due to the scale of it. I will do a comparison picture with a rhino and a devilfish at a later point.

Need to finish the last few assault marines and the warhound then on too all the tau stuff on the desk.
Don't forget guys there is less then a week left for the contest. The winner will be announced next painting table.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Mercs, the initial impresion

As with many of my first impression reviews please keep in mind that these opinions are based off of just reading. I have yet to play a game.

What I like/what interests me:
- the use of the card mechanic for moving/shooting/etc.
-2d and 3d playing options
-Story driven (highly recommend that you actually have real reasons and such for your mercs fighting each other)
-The cards clearly communicate all the necessary information
-mechanics for who goes when are well thought out and keep both players engaged
-Simultaneous actions are accounted for
-LOS, if you can see any part of it, you can shoot it.
- 3 states of cover and each one only effects how easy it is to shoot the person
-models can grant other models cover
-the rules are very scale able, so you can easily teach the basics or learn the basics and then add more rules over time
-you need very few models
- the idea of error on the side of carnage when it comes to disputes on things like cover and such

What i don't like:
-You need a lot of beads, tokens or whatever to mark out different things
-The book gives a lot of examples that are pure text and no reference images, but at the same time it also sometimes does the opposite. Where it is almost all pictures and very little text.
-Book covers very few of the factions, This one I know is partially due to the age of the book and the fact that there will probably be a new edition soon.
- all the painted minis in the book are the same 2 factions, part of this ties into the problem above, but at the same time there are no other examples of paint schemes for those factions and non for the others that are in the book. Even on there website they use the same paint schemes. This is one were I think they need to do some work on the website to better explain the factions and show some alternative color scheme options to help inspire people.

Overall I am looking forward to playing Mercs, I think it will scratch the itch that infinity didnt scratch for me.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Year long Tau project

I finally sat down and got a list of most of the models I own. I actually have less tau to paint then I though and a lot of extra pieces running around. I would like to add at least 5 more models later this year as well but we will have to wait and see on that front. Not counting the models I have on the desk here is what I seem to have.

26x pathfinders
32x fire warriors
1x cadre fireblade
1x darkstrider
2x Kroot shapers
3x pathfinder drones
5x mark light drones
4x shield drones
2x missile drones
9x sniper drones
10x gun drones
1x cc drone
3x xv9's with fusion cascades
1x commander shas'o r'alai

Unfortunately I couldn't find my kroot but I think I have around 25 or so. I also have another 20 or so drone bodies running around that I kit out into other types. I think I could also build a few more suits with the bits I have running around.

Better than I thought though, I have only about 100 models to paint to finish these guys off maybe 125 or so once I find those Kroot.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review Deadzone Boxed game

This review was written as a first impression almost 6 months ago and then promptly forgotten about and never published. I have decided to only edit it in general and publish it because I honestly still haven't played a single game of anything in the past year never mind the past 6 months. Which on another note is something I hope to change this year. It also is just a nice splurge of things that interest me or I like in general about the rules.

So here are the things I caught my interest or I liked  about the Deadzone rule set/boxed game.
-The diagrams in the book overall are well done
-cover, you either are in cover or not, no middle ground and cover is determined for the whole cube not model to model.
- has a similar exploding die mechanic to Spartan games stuff but is also different enough to make it interesting., there is also a double and triple mechanic for successes.
- straight up equal or beat the needed score for dice rolls
-Scatter is based on the rollers point of view
- multi level terrain and rules for dealing with things like falling
- LOS has two types point and area. Point is like 40k TLOS and area is just being able to see into the cube.
- Weapon range and movement are based on the cube format.
- the states of models are undamaged, injured and dead.
-deployment- deployment is done via the card mechanic
-winning, 10 vp, kill everyone, time out with card mechanic and of course concede.
- has built in stuff for doing campaigns
-Vp are determined by using the card mechanic to get your Missions
- the terrain is great just wish there was more in the box

What I don't like or fancy
- Some of  the models are just hideous
-some models in the book still can not be bought
-these next couple are more of design problem in some ways
           -no quick reference sheet
           -no contents sheet for the boxed game or instructions for minis ( have to figure it out based on whats on the box which is annoying)

Now these two problems to be far are not as much of a problem for seasoned wargamers but it does cause problems for people who bought it on a whim or using it as a gateway to other games.

Overall I like it though and cant wait to assemble and play some games.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting Table Saturday #2 2015

First off I finally got my refund from wayland games. And promptly spent most of it getting what I tried to get in the first place. So expect some new stuff showing up in the next month or so. Also don't forget that your blog can be feature in the Painting Table Saturday blog list and maybe even in a post itself. Just drop me a line with your blog info and commit to posting at least once a month with the Painting Table Saturday tag and your all good.

Next up my son finally got me to break out all the mantic games Battle zone stuff. So we built two good size 1 story buildings and started constructing some walkways to. They aren't glued yet but will be when the final design is decided upon.

Next the painting, the first earth shaker and 4 of the marines are almost finished. They all need a little touch up and a few final details done for them to be finished.

More as I get it done guys. Don't forget there is a short time left before the competition finishes. Make sure to go sign up.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spending update and more specific plans for January and February

First off spending. I spent some money on the wargames vault sale, Roman seas, and on a few older heavy weapon marines.  So that is another -$38.00 we are going to say. I thinks its a little less but don't feel like getting into the math on x day for currency conversion.

Next up, the plans. For the next two months I have certain painting goals I would like to reach.
1. The 7 marines on my table.
2. The 3 tau marksmen
3. The earth shaker
4.The Rvanar and its drones
5.the warhound
6. The 9 sniper drones
7. The marbel tutorial (or at least my first shot)
8. At least the 1st part of the earth  shaker tutorial.
9. At least 1 review

It is a lot of things but I think I can pull it off. Don't forget the competition ends in about 2 weeks so go sign up for it.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Painting Table Saturday #1 2015

So the first painting table will be quiet full this week because of all the stuff I did this week. But first off two things. One, don't forget that you can join in the painting table fun by commenting on the post here or by sending me a message. Second, before we get to my stuff here is what my 4 year old has been working on. It is a raptor for the ever growing ork/orc/marauder force that he has going.

For me besides the models showed yesterday I have also don't some work on the first earth shaker, the seven marines along with the Rvanar in the background, another epic warhound I managed to find lurking in a box and the missile shield drones for the suit.

After the two models shown yesterday I spent a lot of time getting the marines all done black wise and getting some of the colors done on the earthshaker. The warhound Rvanar and two drones have only been primed. The Earthshaker is making me rethink how I assemble the model just to make it easier to paint. But is coming along nicely, if I get the chance I will finish it next.

I have also been working on two tutorials. The first is the earth shaker though the tutorial will be a bit wierd because I have already completed a few of the steps before I started but should be easy enough to replicate. The painting tutorial that was requested is also being worked on.

On a side not I got a few new paint brushes that I will be doing a review on because they are actually surprisingly good and cheap here.

Anyway more as it happens.

Friday, January 2, 2015

The first update of the year

That's right I have made progress this week. I finished off two models.

The first is the concept model I did for my counts as DKK Engineer/warzone model.

The other model was my Manta battle carrier.

Now points are a bit strange to work out. Mainly because the scale for FSA is 1:10000. Which doesn't really correspond well from what I can tell with the hole 28mm 15mm blah blah. So I have decided to count the ships as 15mm mounted or vehicles. The big one such as the battle carrier will be a vehicle the smaller ones will be  mounted. This is mainly due to it not really fitting into the 28mm group.
So  that is 2pts for my first guy and 6pts for the battle carrier.
I also spent a chunk of money on some more battlezone stuff. So that's  $34.02 for this month so far.
Two nice and easy models. Big update tomorrow with a lot of WIP.
Don't forget to enter the contest there is only a couple of weeks left. Find it here.