Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Mercs, the initial impresion

As with many of my first impression reviews please keep in mind that these opinions are based off of just reading. I have yet to play a game.

What I like/what interests me:
- the use of the card mechanic for moving/shooting/etc.
-2d and 3d playing options
-Story driven (highly recommend that you actually have real reasons and such for your mercs fighting each other)
-The cards clearly communicate all the necessary information
-mechanics for who goes when are well thought out and keep both players engaged
-Simultaneous actions are accounted for
-LOS, if you can see any part of it, you can shoot it.
- 3 states of cover and each one only effects how easy it is to shoot the person
-models can grant other models cover
-the rules are very scale able, so you can easily teach the basics or learn the basics and then add more rules over time
-you need very few models
- the idea of error on the side of carnage when it comes to disputes on things like cover and such

What i don't like:
-You need a lot of beads, tokens or whatever to mark out different things
-The book gives a lot of examples that are pure text and no reference images, but at the same time it also sometimes does the opposite. Where it is almost all pictures and very little text.
-Book covers very few of the factions, This one I know is partially due to the age of the book and the fact that there will probably be a new edition soon.
- all the painted minis in the book are the same 2 factions, part of this ties into the problem above, but at the same time there are no other examples of paint schemes for those factions and non for the others that are in the book. Even on there website they use the same paint schemes. This is one were I think they need to do some work on the website to better explain the factions and show some alternative color scheme options to help inspire people.

Overall I am looking forward to playing Mercs, I think it will scratch the itch that infinity didnt scratch for me.

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