Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just a quick update and other news

I spent some cash on a frigate corvette set for my Aquas and broke down and bought shields for my marine siege tac squads. So -$36.83 and 10 more models bought for the year. Along with the dreadnought I got in the past this nicely forms up my fleet. Only need some heavy cruisers, cruisers and maybe some gunships for more fun/choice.

I was very glad to hear that the british post changed there mind on paint in the mail and look forward to being able to order more in the future for a bit cheaper.

As for this week I should be able to write up the first part of the earth shaker tutorial this week and get that up. The marble one will not be far behind. Painting wise I haven't done much except get bits together and put a bit more color on my warhound. I hope to finish him this week and maybe the last of the marines that are on the table.

That is about it guys more as I do it.


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