Saturday, February 21, 2015

Painting Table #7 2015

Today's painting table is more a general finished model display and plans for the last week.
I finished off the last 6 sniper drones and the 3 marksmen.

During the last week I hope to do the drones for the Rvanar and get more base coating of the Rvanar done. I wont finish him off because the rush would just make it turn out nasty. I am going to take my time and hope to get him done right.

I also have 2 more models on the table I hope to finish off in this coming up month, darkstrider and a fireblade guy. After that I have more suits and firewarriors to do mainly, oh and a butt ton of drones.

So thats 9 more models finished and 18 more points.

More as I get it done and feedback is always appreciated.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Reveal of terrain project and more completed models

So first off I finished off 3 of the 9 sniper drones.

 Then I also completed my terrain project. Which is actually a small/medium sized planet to use in firestorm armada/xwing/etc.

It's grey primer with some orange fire painted randomly on top.Then a bit of red ink spread about. Finally leviathen purple wash or whatever gw used to do blotted on top with some paper towel.
I'm going to go with 3 points for the planet and of course the 2 for each drone. So that is 9 more points 3 models and 1 piece of terrain finished off.

More as I get it done. I am thinking green or blue for the next planet. I have 1 more of that size and 1 much larger one waiting to be done.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Painting table #6 2015

This week the small amount of time I squeezed out for hobby stuff was mainly spent de-spruing stuff I own. Other than that I finished priming and base coating more tau stuff and debating color for the terrain project that has not been named yet but has been seen. So here is a pic of the desk.



close up of center

Unfortunately, I doubt I will complete my goals for the two months, mainly due to all kinds of schedule issues and a holiday. Here is South Korea February means the end of the school year and March is the beginning of the next one so there is a lot of extra work on the work front. It is also the time of year for Lunar new year, a big 3 day holiday here which basically means a lot of family cooking and cleaning. However, it also means I may have some chances for painting here and there because there are more eyes. So we shall see.

Here was my to do list for January and February.

1.finish the 7 marines that were on the table (DONE)
2. 3 tau marksmen (on table and ready to go, primed/based)
3.The earth shaker (DONE)
4. Rvanar and its drones (in various stages)
5. the warhound (DONE)
6. 9 sniper drones (on table ready to go, primed/based)
7. Marble tutorial first shot (DONE)
8. First part of earth shaker tutorial (PART 1 and 2 done)
9. At least 1 review ( DID 3 reviews)

The non painting tasks I did great on, mainly because I can do them while watching my youngest. I believe I can do the drones easily enough and probably the marksmen. The Rvanar I may not have enough time for this month. I also added a fireblade, darkstrider and 2 kroot shappers to my table.
Still have a bit of time left but we shall see. The Rvanar is almost halfway based and is completely primed.
fireblade- primed and based
Darkstrider- primed and based
2 Kroot shapers- primed and based

More as I get it done. Also remember if you post at least 1 painting post a month and use the Painting Table in the tittle or tag you can be added to the special blog roll.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marines finished and the requested pictures

So first off I finished off the last 3 assault marines. I am now getting to work on all tau that are on the table. So that is 3 more models finished and 6 more points.

Next up are a bunch of pictures of my first shot at the marble base as requested.

Finally, a sneak peak of my terrain project. Internet points if you can guess what it is.

More as I get it done.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Marble Tutorial: 1st attempt

Ok I will do this as 2 parts. What I did and what I learned. This in no one turned out how I wanted but I did learn some things.

First, What I did.
1. Primed the base grey.
2. Painted in white.
3. Took the same white and darkened it some by adding black.
4. Did this in a lightning design on the base.
5. Mixed black ink and sepia ink and then watered it down.

An important step that I didnt do mainly due to a lack of material is the glossy finish from a sealer of choice. Here is how it turned out.

What I learned is easy enough.
1. I need to use a different white as the base and there needs to be more distinction between the different white use not just a very subtle one.
2. I need to water down the inks even more and maybe only use the sepia one or the black one not both.
3. Without the glossy seal it wont look right.
4. Once I figure this out it is a technique that could easily be done on other piece to create bits of marble for bases or whatever.

I will be trying this again in the future and will also pick up some glossy sealant at some point so they can get a proper view of it. I am also planing on starting with more of a bone white color rather than a pure white next time and darken and lighten it from there for the different veins in the marble.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Painting Table #5 2015

Progress this week was mainly made on getting the rest of the bits ready for the marines so I can finish them off and finishing off the priming of the rvanar. The other thing I did was wrap up the first attempt at making a marble base. The results of that will be posted tomorrow with a mini tutorial.

This week I hope to finish off the marines and get back to the tau stuff.