Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marines finished and the requested pictures

So first off I finished off the last 3 assault marines. I am now getting to work on all tau that are on the table. So that is 3 more models finished and 6 more points.

Next up are a bunch of pictures of my first shot at the marble base as requested.

Finally, a sneak peak of my terrain project. Internet points if you can guess what it is.

More as I get it done.


  1. A void grenade explosion? Thanks for the shots of the marble bases. I like the texture of it for sure. I think you could definitely get away with some more exaggerated tones in it to make it pop more though!

    1. Good guess but no. The texture of the base comes from the base itself. I have a ton of old warlords square bases left over from the old roman army. What would u suggest for tones to try?

    2. Generally with bases, you have a lot more freedom in both what you can do, and what you can experiment with. Because they are relatively easy to wipe and start over with, it's really up to you how far you want to take them. I say take one, and experiment and do crazy things with it. Start with really bright contrasting colors (one for the under layer, then another for the top) then try fiddling with different washes and glazes to adjust the tint and see what you get. I think the texture is really interesting and making it pop would really bring attention to the mini's.

    3. Hmm.. after reading your comment I can think of possibly a good green based one. Though still need some glossy stuff to really do it right. As for bases honestly I have always hated doing them. I often avoid doing them if possible or stick with brown/green and some flocking.