Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hobby stores in Seoul. Hobby park, Samgakji Station

Hobby park has two branches in Seoul but to be honest I have only been to one of them. That would be the one at Samgakji station. Samgakji station is on line 4 station number 428.
This one is actually really easy to get to. Get to the station and go out exit 4.

This is what you will see when you come out of the station. You want to take the first right.
When you turn the corner you  will see this. Hobby park is on the 1st floor of the building on the left. On the right is a church.

Here is the front of the store.
What you see when you walk in the door.
Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the back area of the store.
 The store carries the normal range of gundam stuff you find in most shops. They also carry a decent ww2 + ships, airplanes and other military model ranges. They also have a small selection of RCs and space ship models, including a small range of star wars ones. They carry most of the MR Hobby paints. They also carry a small amount of brushes, airbrush stuff etc. The only other thing of interest to note is that they also carry a small selection of train stuff, tracks, engines, buildings etc.

The staff were friendly without being overally attentive like you get in some stores. However, English was never spoken so if you are looking for something specific come prepared.


  1. Yeah, I can't take pics when I'm more than two steps into a hobby store tentacles get all a-quiver, and my wallet jumps outta my pocket and starts spewing money about, all by itself.

    ADT is in S. Korea, too?
    They offered me a job a while back, but they wanted to give me a van with a GPS locator, and I don't like people 'clocking' me.

    Cool blog, man.
    Followed, and I think I've gotta mention this in my next post.
    I've got a 'hobby brother' in S. Korea
    How friggin' cool is that?

    1. lol every vehicle in South Korea has GPS its only way for people to get around spec with help since gps maps are often wrong. S Korea is a tricky place to game but my choice is this or no war gaming. And war gaming keeps me sane, well kinda sane :P