Friday, December 25, 2015

Plans for 2016 and changes

One of the main things I realized as this year dragged on is that the point system really just doesn't work any longer for me. I need to stay more focused on projects and my overall spending. So the big changes for 2016 will be only counting actual pieces painted and of course switching back to keeping track of most if not all of my hobby related spending. I feel I spend a lot more this year without realizing it because I was only counting actual models bought. Not everything else.

So overall goals are easy.
1. Paint more than I buy.
2. Spend $500 or less throughout the year.

I feel these two goals are the biggest and most obvious ones. The spending one may still be my most difficult just because of the often increased cost for me to get stuff here. Here are some of the actual painting goals for the year.

1. Finish my 40k Space Marine Siege Company.
2. Paint the Pan O half of the Operation Icestorm Starter
3. Paint up the Enforcers and Plague guys that I have from the Deadzone box.
4. Paint up enough models for at least 2 frostgrave warbands, so about 20 models.
5. Paint up all the skellies and such I have for frostgrave.
6. Paint up the SM stuff for BFG that I have.
7.Paint up the rest of the assembled and primed terrain I have.
8. Do more basing, I have tons of models that need it done.
9. Convert my sisters of Sigmar warband.

Those are the vague things I want to work on this year. That being said I still have a lot more than that to do. The biggest challenge will be basing everything because I am still horrible at it. I would also like to play more than a few games a year with my oldest son but that is going to be even more hard to do. I love playing with him but finding time is always an issue never mind people.
Resisting other games will also be hard since there is at least 1 other system I really want to get into.
But that is for another day.

Anyway more as I get it done.


  1. Wow that is a lot of to do's.

    Merry Christmas:)

    1. Seems like a lot but actually not that much.

  2. After the progress you made during the 6MMRPC this year, I'm sure you'll manage to achieve your goals in 2016!

    1. 2015 was a pretty good year. Hopefully it will work out better than I want.