Monday, September 30, 2013

The dilemma I am having about 40k

As time has gone on were I don't get to play often and prices continue to rise, it is making me reconsider the 40k forces I have and want. Specifically my marines. I mainly started building my marines last edition when someone I know needed to get ride of them cheap and I picked them up. But I will admit the only marines I like and would love to have back were my first army. A small full foot khorne force.

It was two full squads of khorne bezerkers with champions. a landraider, a dreadnaught, kharn and a chaos lord in termie armor with the mark of khorne. I have been painting my current marines mainly cause I have them. But recently I have been thinking I should sell the majority of them and keep just enough for a small alley force, if at all. That being said I wont completely get ride of my 40k stuff. It is one of the few games played in Seoul.

So the dilemma, do I dump the army or wait 6 months and then decide. Personally I am not 1 to follow the popular lists or armies. So is there really a reason to keep an army I don't really feel I need or want to play? I have had some fun with conversions on these guys but nothing that makes me want to really keep them. With the cost of 40K constantly on the rise and given that retail they are worth almost $800, that would go a long way towards other stuff I want.

So my question to all you people out there what do you think? Should I keep them for 6 months and see how I feel then? Screw it and sell/trade them off in the next few months?



  1. What chapter are your marines? I think that could determine when it would be best to sell the army. I would imagine you'd have an easier time getting towards that retail mark if you waited to sell the army until right before/after a matching supplement is released. I know Imperial Fists (Sentinels of Terra) are supposed to be coming out next with White Scars, Raven Guard and Ultras all on the horizon.

    1. They don't have a specific chapter and still have no ensignia because I hadn't thought one up. They use generic marine bits overall with some tau weapons worked in.