Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A bit disappointed

With the release of the new SM codex  like many I have found a few things to be disappointed with. Ignoring the fliers, the fliers (never liked any of the fliers from any codex) and the what I agree are ugly new models. The main thing that disappointed me was the HQ section. The standard vanilla options are fine in my opinion but the named HQs kind of annoy me.

The ultramarines have 6 . Now I understand that the smurfs are the classic iconic chapter and what many people start up with. But the sheer number of named HQs is crazy. Let us compare to the other chapters in the book.

White scars: 1
Salmanders: 1
Raven Guard: 1
Imperial Firsts: 1
Crimson Fists: 1
Black templars: 2
Iron Hands: 0

Now in the past this wasn't a problem because of the fact that the characters special rules effected everyone. So you could play an ironhands themed army with the benefits of a named HQ   . But with the change because of chapter tactics you cant. Which leads me to my issue. This is basically going to make people have to buy a supplement for X chapter if they want to benefit from the characters. Especially for those chapters that have no named HQs in the core codex (Iron hands). This for me is the only thing that really annoys me. I have always seen my SM as successor of the ironhands. But I am unable to really get interesting HQ that isn't generically made to fill that role. Yes I can come up with a great back story and such but I am unable to really distinguish the HQ from any other normal HQ without access to some sort of special rules. Personally  I would have loved a named Techmarine or forgefather. Just something. Now this isn't only a problem for the iron hands. They really should have done at least 2 named HQs or even named sergeants for each.

That's why for now I will probably still keep running the marines I have using the space wolf codex. Because at least there I can have some named HQs to add more detail to my army. Never mind I love their whole iron priests fluff.

What did you guys think of it.

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