Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The rebirth of my Space Marines

    So after basicly getting to the point were I didnt want to play my SM just with codex costs etc etc etc. I found something that breathed fresh life into them while also making it more interesting. The forge world Siege Assault Vanguard army list, now given many people will start by thinking about all the insane new units I could incorporate into my already established forces but for me that wasn't it.

     For me it was the combination of three parts, First the second most important factor for me was the siege objective rule. This is going to make playing the game more challenging and interesting for me, especially since I often forget to play the objectives. The next thing that caught my eye was the new HQ choice of Space Marine Siege Master. This is the themed HQ I have long soght for leading my force and I knew the perfect model for it. Finaly and the most important factor for me was the changes to the most basic of units for Space marines, the tactical squad, the addition of siege mantles is going to make a great look and feel for my force and makes it worth it for me to keep them around, I will still thin out the collection some but that will mainly be elites. Though I must admit the idea of running a siege dreadnought talon or two seems like a lot of fun.

my siege master

Anyways that is my current idea now I am just busy trying to find the right shields for me and deciding what exactly to get rid of.

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