Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Osprey review #4

Today's review will once again be an Osprey Publishing Men at arms book. This time it will be number 149,  Prussian Light Infantry 1792-1815.

My favorite part of this book was actually the beginning. I wont spoil it but the author starts off with a great tone. Overall the book is a good read, if you like a lot of detail. A few things I found interesting were; the explanation of how the light infantry were used, how they came to be and how they were often actually used. If you have no interest in these things the color pictures are excellent as usual and include various Schuetzen's, Jaeger's and Fuisiler's in uniform. There are also useful color charts on page 27, 28 and 29 for uniform colors.

Besides the aforementioned uniform color charts, tactics and plates this is another book that is very heavy on the " this is how it came to be and this was reality". So if you like that style pick it up, if not borrow it from somewhere for the color charts and pretty plates.

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