Sunday, December 8, 2013

Firestorm armada 2.0

If you missed it last weekend Spartan games released the fleet guides for the core races in 2.0. You can find them for free here. Now I have spent some time reading through them and overall I like the changes. It will go a long way to correcting the problem of MKx always being better then MKx. The things I am waiting to see are however not covered in them. Mainly how well the different wings now work and what exactly some of the special rules do. There are quite a few MARs qouted in the  manuals that until I see how they have changed or what they are I am holding off. This is because they will influence quite a lot on how well balanced the game is. The big changes I liked are as follows.

1. customizable models based on type not what MK
2. A focus on needing the smaller ships
3. being able to add escorts and such to all the bigger ships
4. being able to upgrade a lot of things and even get ride of MARs in some cases.

After that I am drawing a blank mainly because as I said everything else will depend on what the rulebook says. The only drawback I am looking at is I have way to many capital sized ships for everything except the biggest games. I would have loved to have seen an option were for x points you could squadron Battleships/carries.

Another great announcement early this week is the sets they will release as well. A cruiser based set and a carrier based set. I am very excited by the cruiser sets because this is one of the main things I need to add besides frigates for my forces. The carrier ones I am not to excited for mainly because I already have a carrier for each of my forces. However it maybe valuable in the future. The pics look nice too. The cruiser sets come with enough pieces to build what seems to be 3 cruisers either as regular cruisers or heavy cruisers. The main thing I am waiting to see is the price. If they are comparable to the DW ones I am psyched to get a few of these in my hands.


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