Thursday, December 26, 2013

A decision

I have decided I am going to sell off my space marines. As readers will know this is something I have been debating for a while. But with the limited space and budget restraints never mind an over loss of interest in having so many 40k forces, they have to go is the short and sweet of it.  For those who may be interested through here I have the following in various stages. I would prefer to get ride of it in 1 go and will include bits I have. I would also consider selling off larger lots. All together its worth around $750 retail.

17x terminators (based and primed, bits to complete included)
2x oop terminator librarians from Space hulk genestealer expansion (based and primed)
1x metal chaplain with jump pack (based and primed)
20x metal sternguard (based and primed)
10x assault marines (5 painted, 5 based and primed, 2 with plasma pistols. bits included)
6x marines with lascannons (painted)
6x marines with heavy bolters (painted)
6x marines with plasma cannons (painted)
5x marines with missile launchers (painted)
16x marines (8 painted/8 primed and based/ bits included to complete)
3x marines with targeters from Devestator box sets (painted)
5x scouts with marine heads (based/primed/ bits included)
4x marines converted plasma guns (have tau BS plasma guns will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
3x marines converted flamers (have tau BS flamers will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
4x marines converted melta guns (have tau BS fusion guns will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
1x rhino (painted)
1x razorback (painted, gun included unassembled was in process of magnetizing, gun is unpainted)
1x rhino/razorback (no turret, painted)

I will also be posting on BT to see if I can get anything I want for them. For those who may want to trade for them there will be  a list of what I am interested in getting or need at the top of the page. If you got an offer for something you may think I like hit me up.

termies two on the front right are the oop ones (extra bits included)
this is a painted example of the oop terminator librarians 

tac marines and 3 spotters (bits included to finish)

chaplain with JP and sternguard

scouts with marine heads (bits included)

assault marines (bits included)

converted special weapons

heavy weapons

rhino, razorback and a rhino/razorback

In the same spirit I am actually considering getting ride of my Romans as well but for slightly different reason. I want to get into smaller scales. In the space my Romans take up I can store 3 or maybe even 6mm forces. Never mind the fact that I really want to expand with Calvary and war machines. Which when it comes to ancients here means I have a better chance of getting to play. I haven't decided yet though. I am thinking thought that if I do I want to go either 6mm or 10mm.  So anyone able to recommend anything in those scales. For 6mm I really only know of baccus.


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