Monday, December 30, 2013

Goals for the new year and plans

So a new year more models and some new things. To start off lets get down and look at my painting and spending goals.

Points: 350- I bit higher than last years original goal but also leaves me room to beat this years.
Actual points painted: 5000- same as this years I think I can easily do this with what I currently own.
Spending: $350- A little more realistic this year. I think it is also possible since I wont need to spend huge amounts on new equipment.
Models painted: 1000- I am going bit crazy on this but I am also considering the fact that I have a ton of epic and 6mm Prussians to paint. So I think it is possible.

Now for some other painting goals not based on points or anything.
1. Complete my epic SM chapter- For this I am talking the 1st-10th companies. Though I still need more scouts in order to do this.
2. Finish painting the rest of my FSA dindrenzi.- they are almost there though I may also add more to my two core forces.
3. Finish off my DW naval stuff- I still have some frigates running around and a bomber that needs paint.
4. Buy less models than I paint- I am thinking of doing a point system for this but haven't decided.

After those 3 I would really like to get my Prussians moving. I have completed most of the research for colors but still have a bit more to write out. I am not including them on the list at the moment mainly because finishing off that force will be almost as crazy as finishing off the Epic stuff.

Next up new things I want to do or try.
1. I want to do at least 1 book review a month probably of osprey stuff since I have a ton of them.
2. I want to look at a bunch of new rule sets as you saw in a post from a few weeks ago.
3. More stuff on wargaming with little ones, maybe once a month.
4. More reviews- I want to continue to review anything I can get my hands on, I fig I should be able to do at least 15 a year based off of my normal buying habits. Paint, books, models whatever I got.

Anyone those are my ideas. What do you guys think?

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