Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kickstarters that look good

Today, I thought I would point out some kickstarters I have seen that I would love to get into.
First up is Mutant chronicles warzone resurrection. I am mainly interested in this one because  I really like the   Brotherhood models. I am also a little interested in the Bauhaus models as well. Not even really worried about the rules I just like the models.

Next is the empire of the dead requim one. This one I admit I just like the premise of the game. Not sure on the models, it's kind of love hate with many of them.

Finaly, is the one I am most excited about Thon.  Not only do I love the models but I love the idea of the game. Love me robots.

Anyway hope this points out some games you might consider. If anyone knows any others let me know. Now I need to do more work on the painting challenge so I can actually buy some of these.

Until then,

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