Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some blogs I love

This post is as the tittle says. There are 3 particular blogs that I often frequent.

First, which is one I look at many times each day is Tabletop fix. I love this blog because it is always introducing new models and games to me but doing it in a way where I don't feel like they are trying to sell them to me. So check it out.

Next would be Tale of painters. This site I enjoy digging through for their tutorials and reviews. Never mind  the nicely painted models.

The story for Pirate viking painting is the same as the last one. Love the tutorials and the nicely painted models.

Finaly, is my most reason find by the chance of actually looking to see what some of my followers do or follow. Coloured Dust, here is once again a tutorial section I like that is well organized and lots of nice models to look at. I plan on trying some of the basing ideas from this website.

So check these blogs out, also drop me a line if you know any other good blogs. I am trying hard to find some good 6mm, 10mm and tutorial blogs.

Later today, my time, I will post a painting update.
Until then,

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