Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New toy and pictures of even more progress

Hello everyone. To start with we have my new air compressor  I will be doing a review in the future and maybe a more in depth look of the company that makes it and my spray booth since they aren't well known outside of South Korea, I think.
 The next 3 pictures is everything on my workbench at the moment. Got 3 range finding guys for heavy weapon squads, 5 missile launchers (one seems to be MIA), 6 heavy bolters, 6 lascannon and 12 guys I still need to decide how to kit out. Along with the almost complete rhino/razorback pieces and the work in progress, magnetized razorback turret (still need 1 more of these).

Another update on painting later this week and a spending one as well. Also has anyone ever used the easy mud product from Marutechnics?

until then

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