Saturday, January 2, 2016

A little feedback needed

Overall, I am happy with the blog but I know it can be better. For example, I really need to go through and update all the tabs info and pictures in them so they are up to date. But I am looking for ways I can make the blog better in general. Features, organization or whatever else. So if you guys have any suggestions drop me a line. Constructive feedback please, don't want anymore racist/ you suck rants on the page.

Thank you


  1. A few things that could help. First one is personal preference only, so discard as you wish. Maybe update the blogs skin to somthing a little cleaner/easier to read. I find green on black (or anything on black) slightly unpleasant to read.
    Using a tab at the top for your pages army/label list will be easier to navigate and remove some of the lists from the sides of your blog.
    Maybe a pic or background at the top with your blog title to make it stand out a little.
    A shorter blog roll showing, but with pics ( we are a visual race so people tend to look at pics first).

    Please fell free to ignore any/all of these suggestions as you see fit :)

    1. Color can probably be done and I have considered it in the past. Same with the tab though I just moved it to the side to try it out.
      As for the tittle on the part I will have to see if I can get someone else to do that. Got no skill in that area. Blog roll I am always trying to figure out how to manage.
      Thanks for the input.

  2. A few suggestions. The top menu, consolidate that. Right now it's overwhelming and lacks organization. I'm not up on Blogger, so my suggestion may not work with the theme/skin you have, but setup sub-menus. For example, a tab/menu item called gaming and then that drops down to show gaming related items. A tab for armies and then that shows your armies, etc. Get that menu down to a few core items so it doesn't wrap around to three lines. It will be less daunting and look more professional.

    Second, the disclaimer at the bottom, either remove it or move it to a page. A site's footer should contain things like contact info, links to other important items that don't need to be up top, but should not serve as a big disclaimer.

    Basically, do some cleaning and organizing. Consolidate anything you can so the focus is on the content.

    1. Like that idea. That's what it does on mobile kind of. Not sure if I can do it or how for pc though. As for disclaimer that's actually a left over from years ago..

  3. Ok guys. What do you think? Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to do drop down menus. If anyone knows how feel free to drop me an email or a comment.