Sunday, March 27, 2016

Painting Table #11 2016

Let me start by apologizing for the silence. I have been struggling. The following picture explains it all.
Basically I have been using this guy as the test model. At the time this photo was taken he had been stripped 3 times and by the time you see this post he will be stripped again. I have been struggling to get the effect I want. I have made a tiny bit of progress on the other guys but most of the effort has gone into trying to get what I wanted to work right.

Now here is what I have learned through this giant mess.
First, I have been using inks and washes wrong for years. I totally misunderstood what was for what and have actually been using them the opposite of how they should be used. As in I have been using washes like inks and inks like washes. It also seems that what I actually need to try and due to make my models work the way I want is probably trying to make the ink I have into a glaze. I think. So more as I get it done.


  1. Oh dear. Xacheriel done a simple wash scheme on one of his dreadball teams that might be the sort of thing you are after, and he goes through how he did it in the post

    You can turn any paint into a glaze by mixing in quantities of lhamean medium (or other such product). It alos works well with washes as you get a much more gradual shade, without so much of the dark pooling that usually happens

    1. Yeah that's basically what I gathered but even with the earlier nicer version it just didn't look good with all that purple. Thanks for the link though.