Saturday, June 24, 2017

Where I have been and a little awareness.

As some of you may have noticed I disappeared a few months ago. After finally getting fired up again. This happens occasionally and usually for a easy bah its life reason. However, today I need to admit this last one was not for one of those reasons. No let me be clear I am not looking for pity or input on my own case. I am getting help and working on it. I am putting this out there to raise awareness and hopefully get you the help you may need or help you help someone else.

Over the past year my overall mental state had gotten really bad. I became massively depressed and had concluded it would better for me to just disappear. This has only ever happen one other time in my life and at that time I admit I was just young and stupid and over reacting. At that time a very good older friend of mine realized what was happening and gave me the support I needed to work through everything without melting down. This time around however, no one was and I almost entered a complete melt down.

Recovery has been slow and I am still not at 100% but it is something I am working on daily with my family. It has now gotten to the point where I actually feel like picking up paint brushes, painting, gaming and such again. So I will start posting again probably next week.

I hope having read this you will take the time to look around at the people in your life or maybe yourself and help whoever is needed. Just having someone take an interest can help a lot.



  1. Good to see you back posting Aruki. I paint a lot as it helps keep the brain weasels at bay, so I know what it's like to not feel well like that. Painting is basically active meditation, and can be pretty healthy for you. Hopefully you'll have a quick little project on the table and be back to posting and feeling better soon!

    1. Thats basically what painting has been for years for me. I do have a few projects going now and will post soon.