Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New stuff and painting

Still can't seem to get picks to rotate but heres the box of new stuff that showed up today. FSA rule book, Shaltari starter army, braves blister, neptune blister and immortals blister.
Next up is the painting I have finished up. From right to left: 3 flamers, 4 melta guns, 4 plasma guns and 3 spotters. You may notice they don't have standard SM special weapons. I am using tau suit weapons because of the background I have been working on for them.

This brings my painting for april up to:
April: 14 points
YTD:139 points

My current project is to finish of the 6 lascannons and then I am planing on starting on some more dystopian wars. I am saving my FSA until I am more comfortable with the airbrush and my omni stand order. Because I want to do almost all of their painting with it. After that I am planning on painting some of the mountain of epic 40k I have.

Until then

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