Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prioritizing wants and needs.

This topic has been quite popular with a few people I regularly talk shop with. Mainly in comparing how different people prioritize these desires. For  me, I always keep a wants and needs list. Usually the needs list is made up of things I need for currently owned projects that I must have in order to finish off the projects. Here are some examples of what is on my needs list.
1x new tau broadside
13x scout stands for epic SM chapter
Newest BP supplement book.

Here is why I want each. The broadside is easy, I need one more for my force and for conversion bits. Which , is a current project and probably the only 40k army I will keep. The scout stands I need to finish off the 10th company of my epic space marine chapter. Everything else I have but them. The newest Bp supplement book I need so that I can actually play and finish planning out my Baccus 6mm Prussian force. I am currently building my force based off of my research but would like to have everything I need for playing games as well.

Wants are different these are things I fancy that could be for future new projects, games I want to try or things for current forces that I don’t really need but would like to have.  This list is the longer of the two and the one that often changes the most. Here is my current wants list.
FSA terran starter
Dw Prussian support fleet
DW Land forces
FSA cruisers and frigates
DZC 2 player starter
Dzc Building set
1x epic warhound titan
1x epic warlord titan
2x epic reaver titans
6x epic predators
6x epic  vindicators
ACTA: Starfleet rulebook
ACTA squadron boxes for federation, Klingons and Romulans.

Most of this list is easy to explain. FSA is to expand my current forces. Same with the DW models. DZC is similar but also because I want a bunch of the terrain and its cheaper for my to buy it than make it in my case. The epic stuff is just models that would be nice to have for my chapter. ACTA Starfleet is a game I just want to play but haven’t pulled the trigger on. How do I manage these lists though? Well I review them at least every other week. I also spend a lot of time planning out my spending and forces. However I don’t always follow this. Sometimes I pick up stuff when I find it dirt cheap. Case and point with my last DW purchases. I bought a bunch of extra boats and tanks damn cheap. The tanks both came In as 1 dollar auctions on ebay for example. However I must also point out that I keep hobby supplies off the list and manage them separately. Usually buying what I need as I need it. Mainly, paints and such.

That’s it for now more updates next week when work gets back to normal. As a side note this is also how I have kept my spending under control. In a normal year I would spend $1000-1500. This year less than $500 so far.


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