Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting table Saturday #21

Not a huge amount of noticeable progress this week. Most of what I did you cant see in the picture or had nothing to do with painting. A lot of this week was spent reorganizing all my model stuff after moving around most of the furniture in the house. Which caused me to loss or have to change a lot of my storage options/locations.  My youngest has been climbing everything and anything.

Models wise I did orange on most of the stealth suits and started painting the brown bits on them. So not much progress but a start.

I also received an early bday present in the form of deadzone. Convinced my wife to buy it during mantics sale last month since that was the cheapest she was going to get it. Mainly due to shipping costs. Hence it was a bday request. I will be doing a review of the overall contents in the future. Its a mixture of happiness and disappointment.


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