Saturday, November 8, 2014

Painting table Saturday #25

This week is a big milestone for the year. I managed to finish off the 9th company. Which was the last company for the epic space marines. The models I have left to paint are all detachments now. Which means I have completed another goal for the year.
I am really happy now that I finished off the main parts of this project. The last few detachments should be easy to finish off. I even think I found a source for non legit but model accurate reaver titans. Points for actual points painted I still need to sit down and figure out again for the past few projects.
Other things are easy to figure out. It's 105 more models painted and 28.75 points.

In total I am now at:
Nov: 34.75 points
Ytd: 334.25

models painted: 1036

The current plan is to continue working on tau and epic models and maybe a few other odd models here and there. More as I get it done.

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