Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting Table #17 2016

So this week was very productive but I am writing this post quick to update before I run out the door. This first batch of pictures is all the terrain I have been working on or finished this week. I finished  two small buildings, 1 big building, 6 smaller scatter rock outcrops/walls and 1 large outcrop/wall. Then I started preparing all the other small buildings and 1 larger building I have. This is all a bunch of temp frostgrave/mordheim, this is not a test and whatever else I can think of terrain.

Then we have the 20 marines that I am planing on using mainly as sergeants and such for my marines.
Finally I have been doing one thing I didn't remember to take pictures of. I have started messing with making wire trees. I will show a post this coming up week with my progress. I am still working on figuring out how to do the wires. Besides finishing off my buildings, I would like to get a bunch of preparation work done for the coming months when I can not airbrush due to weather.

More as I get it done,

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