Monday, January 20, 2014

General update and first new products of the year.

The hand is almost completely healed. Which means in the next week or so I will be able to start painting again. I have completely organized everything for my epic SM and will be getting going on them again as well. This may end up being interrupted by hopefully interviews and such. So the plan for coming months is epic SM and whatever DW and FSA stuff I can get done. After that more tau and such as well.

I am also continue my experiments with  Kanbanize. Though I must admit I am a bit disappointed with it.

I also have purchased some Vallejo game color washes, specifically umber and sepia, which will both come in handy for painting the Prussians/         . 
So there goes my spending already.
Jan: - $4.00
YTD -$4.00

On a side note, went to the only store in South Korea to buy this sort of stuff at and noticed they had no FSA 2.0 books so asked when they would have them. He tells me no you should get PDF, PDF is better. I point out A there is no pdf and B I want an actual book. His answer, no pdf is better I think.... It is things like this that make it so even if I can buy it here and I am all in favor of supporting your LGS, that make me want to shop on the internet instead. Not only is it cheaper but they don't argue with me when I want to buy something and they don't keep screwing me for almost a year on something I want and they keep telling me next month. To be honest I blame most of the negative changes at the LGS in the past year on the fact that the owner and main guy behind everything moved far away and maybe pops in once a month to check on things. He left it in charge of someone who is sub par in every way.

I will of course also being doing more kids war gaming, another book review and of course reviewing some of the stuff I got for Christmas. So stay tuned.
I am also thinking about doing a give away to celebrate the 200 post milestone. Would anyone be interested in some mantic stuff?

Anyway more as it happens.


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