Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some blogs I have been looking at lately

There are four blogs I have been watching lately and probably will be keeping tabs on.

Sound officers call is a blog mainly set 15mm and 20mm more modern stuff but he has some interesting ideas for doing war gaming rules. His initial ideas for converting epic rules are what really caught my attention recently.

20mm Gamer covers a wide range of periods and scales and has done battle reports, kit reviews and even comics. I have been enjoying digging through his backlog and looking at stuff hes written.

I see Lead people is one that I often return to time and time again. At the moment the blog is reviewing some 3d printed ships that hes reviewing which is great for those of us who may want to start up or augment such things as BFG forces.

Finaly, I have been keeping an eye on Little Legions. He has done some great ancient armies in 10mm I believe and has recently decided to focus on epic this month.

So check them out.

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