Saturday, June 27, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting table #23 2015

It was a very busy week for me hobby wise. On top of the already finished models that you have seen I also wrapped up all the assembly of the 2 earth shakers, finished painting the 6 BFG tau ships, assembled and puttied two buildings and finally finished the assembly and protective coat of my asteroids for space games. The earth shakers will be seen in a later post. Today, the rest of it will be seen. So first off the work in progress stuff.

I still need to sand them down before base coating but I have 2 started which is good enough for me. By the way I love the vallejo plastic putty.

The asteroids are below and then the 6 ships.

So that is 6 more models finished and  12 more points. That also means I get a joker for finishing off a project.

Not sure what I will do after the buildings but they are the next thing to get painted up.
The Epic marines are still available by the way


  1. Cool. A great progress week. I like the asteroids especially :)

    1. Got those in a backscatter last year. Wish I had bought more they are nice and were cheap to boot.

    2. bah kickstarter .. stupid auto correct.