Sunday, June 28, 2015

Earth Shaker tutorial part 4: the final part

Ok guys here is the final part of the tutorial series for the earth shaker. Basically it focuses on the assembly of the back part of the body. 
Step 1: cut out plastic card that is small enough to fit into the back of the main carriage you will also need to side pieces. Mine are about 10.5cm long in total.
Step 2: build the boxes.
Step 3: If desired add struts on inside 
Step 4: Attach the deck plates, I used old fantasy movement trays cut up.
Step 5: attach the back dozer piece.

From here it gets tricky, originally I attached the wire mesh and all the extra bits between the body and the back part. However, I found it difficult to paint those parts well because of it. I would suggest painting those parts first (sides and top middle of platform) and then apply your mesh.
At that point the only things left to do are accessorizing the model. Bits here and there and details. That part is up to you, I originally used some spare marine pieces that I had running around and push molded a rhino hatch from BT for the front. 

Now that this has wraped up  I am offering all 3 earth shakers to a good home, they will come with the mesh and such and some assembly will be required on your end for detailing and such. All I am asking for is the cost of shipping them to you. I want them to end up with someone who will use them. So drop me a line if your interested.



  1. Sweeeeet tutorials! Thanks so much!

    1. No worries a little bummed that my focus has changed so much that I have no reason too keep them but all my games now are being done on 4x4 or less. Even most of my tau and space marine stuff will prob never be used.