Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For sale EPIC Space marine army and titans!!

First off, serious offers only please. This is a large lot that will include not only all of the titans and models but also all my extra bases and models which is more than 30 bases worth along with another warlord titan I haven't painted up yet. So If you have a serious offer drop me a line, I will not break the lot up I want it gone in one shot so it is less painful.

Another thing I am planing on changing up is my 6mm Prussian project. I think I was going a bit to crazy with it. I need to sit down and figure out what I can do for the different systems I am looking at playing with it and adjust accordingly. So some of them may be up for grabs in the future.

Finally, the earth shakers, I will be selling them off after I finish the rest of the basic assembly on the ones I am building for the tutorial. Now with these I am not looking for anything crazy. To be honest even 20 + shipping is more than enough in my book. I am getting ride of them because I will honestly never use them. Playing here in means that my stuff will be on a smaller scale games wise. Hence my focus on skirmish games  and smaller scales, things I can easily do at home on a max 4x4 area.

So if you are interested in negotiating on the EPIC space marines or grabing the earth shakers drop me a line via email. By the way I will probably post the epic stuff in about 2 weeks on barter town if none of my readers are interested.


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