Friday, November 22, 2013

Hobby zone paint rack review part 1

I will be doing this review in two parts since I just received them this morning. So in this first part I will show you what I received and talk about a few other things related to my order. In the second part I will talk about the construction of the products themselves and how well I find them to work.

This was actually an anniversary gift from my wife that I had just been waiting to order while considering the options. This turned out to be cheaper than any of the local alternatives and a few other companies I found on the net.

I got two of the Hobby zone Small paint hangers. They are $17.94 each. Price wise I cant really complain the huge cost on this was shipping. The shipping for even one to South Korea was over $30. So I decided I would grab the two I want to save on shipping. The total shipping was $43.48. The packages took exactly 1 week from the day they were sent to arrival to show up.

This is what It looked like on arrival.

Inside I found the two flat packed boxes. Between the two boxes were a invoice, a flier and instructions.

I only took a picture of the inside of one of the boxes to show how the pieces were packed. On closer inspection all of the pieces seem to be intact.

As soon as I have the chance to build and then hang them I will post the second part of the review. More updates and second half of the review hopefully next week.


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